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There are a number of transport options for trips from Lido Altanea: bicycles for travelling to nearby resorts on the many cycle paths, motorboats and other craft for journeys in the sea and the lagoon, and buses or cars for visits to the towns and cities in the surrounding area.

You can travel by car, train or boat to Venice, which is unquestionably the jewel in the crown of the local cities. As you stroll along its narrow streets, you become immersed in its magical atmosphere. Nowhere else in the world is like this gem of a city, where land and water endlessly intermingle between the bridges and the canals. Saint Mark’s Basilica and Square, the Doge’s Palace, the Rialto Bridge and the Grand Canal are just some of the most famous and spellbinding sights in this enchanting place, which was a crossroads for people from countless countries and a gateway to Europe in the past and is now an unmissable destination for modern tourists. The water buses provide easy access to the splendid islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello from Venice. Murano is famous for its exquisite glass making and it is also home to the beautiful Cathedral of San Donato. Burano is renowned for the lace made by the local women. The houses on the island are humble but brightly coloured and it is very popular with painters and photographers.



Verona has ancient Roman origins and it lies near Lake Garda. It is most famous on a global basis for its magnificent arena, where a large number of operas are performed every summer. In addition, it boasts the Romanesque Cathedral of San Zeno and the romantic, evocative balcony associated with the timeless tragedy of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Children will love the huge Gardaland theme park, which is just a few minutes from the city centre. With a wealth of attractions, it is the ideal place for an alternative day out.

Another city that is definitely worth visiting is Padua. It is home to one of the oldest universities in the world and a treasure trove of art in the Scrovegni Chapel, which contains a fresco cycle by Giotto. However, it is more famous for the Basilica of Saint Anthony and the Prato della Valle, which is the largest square in Europe. Just outside the city, you can take a boat known as the Burchiello all of the way down to Venice. It follows the course of the River Brenta on a mesmerizing journey past the marvellous Veneto villas of the 16th and 17th centuries.



The city of Treviso is easily accessible by car and there are many artistic sights and panoramic views along its visitor-friendly streets, squares and waterways. You can savour some authentic Veneto cuisine in its traditional restaurants. The main gathering place is Piazza dei Signori. Standing tall over it is Palazzo della Ragione, which was built in the 12th century and now bears the “scars” in its outer walls of heavy bombing during the Second World War.

In addition to these large cities, there are many other towns and villages that are smaller but no less delightful to visit and packed with traditions and historical sights. Among them is Sesto al Reghena, an ancient town with origins dating back to Pre-Roman times and a Benedictine abbey that was founded in around 741 AD. The gate tower of the abbey is still standing today, as are some of the buildings around the Basilica, where there is a selection of capitals, pieces of decorative sculptures and frescos, some of which are from the Giotto school.


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