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To speed up the check-in procedure, we remind you to upload your travel companions’ details in our website together with the possibility of paying the final balance. You will only have to enter the area “Your account & booking” on our website. In this way, your permanence in the office will be limited just to the time of the ID of all the occupants check and the delivery of the keys, which will be sanitized at each change.
The keys pick up always takes place at the branch’s address you made the reservation with between 4:00 PM and 7.30 PM of the check-in date. Before depart, check the right address and the phone number in your booking confirmation letter, highlighted in red, or in the Contact us page on this site.
At the check-in, remember to keep the documents of all occupants and the booking confirmation letter at hand (for Italian guests, the tax code of the holder is also required). The registration of your documents in our system is formality required by the law. To speed up the procedures, we strongly recommend that you fill in these data directly online on our site. Remember that a deposit is required upon arrival. It will be returned at the end of your stay after having checked the accommodation. The deposit can be made in cash or by leaving the credit card details as a guarantee. The amount of the deposit is € 100.00 (for groups of children € 50.00 per person).
The access in the agency is allowed to only one member per family wearing a facemask and with the hands sanitized with the gel located at the office’s entrance. In case of fever or flu symptoms or if you know you came across a person potentially positive to Corona Virus 19 in the last 14 days, the access inside our office and apartments is not allowed, therefore we kindly ask you to inform us. During the check-in we kindly ask you to maintain 1 mt of social distancing. Our staff is furnished with personal protection equipment and it is trained and aware about the measures provided by the competent health authorities.
The apartments will be available from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm of the check in date, since we need some time to clean and control the flats after the former tourists’ departure. However, on request, if your apartment is already free and clean, we will be able to hand the keys over in advance.
In case of belated arrival, we will leave your keys in the safety boxes outside the office and give you the code. In Lido Altanea this service is provided by the surveillance service located at the entrance of the city.
At the time of booking you can pay the 30% deposit (with a minimum of € 100) by paying in cash, credit card or POS at one of our branches; by sending a check or bank transfer; or by credit card online on our website www.lampo.it.
You can pay the balance in cash, with a check, credit card in one of our office or comfortably from home via credit card on our web site.
The traceability legislation limits cash payments up to € 4.999.99. For this reason, payments exceeding this amount must ONLY be made with traceable instruments such as bank transfers, debit cards, credit cards, bank checks, postal checks, circulars or travel checks.
There may be additional costs to the total rent. Generally, they are the beach cost and the tourist tax, which however varies from place to place. At customer’s request, other costs can be added such as the rental of sheets, beds, cots or others. Remember that a deposit of € 100.00 is required upon arrival (€ 50.00 per person for groups of children).
Remember that at the check-in a caution of 100,00€ is required (for groups of children € 50.00 per person).


On the departure date, the apartments shall be vacated by 10:00 AM, to allow us to clean and ensure the entry of new tenants. To avoid delays and inconvenience in the organization, the agency reserves the right to charge a fee for any delayed departures (after 10.00).
The apartment shall be left in order and clean, with washed bathroom and floors, free from garbage, bottles and boxes, with the internal shelves of the furniture clean, the dishes washed and the refrigerator empty and defrosted leaving the fridge door open. Otherwise the cleaning costs will be charged, starting from Euro 55.00 depending on the degree of decay and dirt left. If the Client finds an inadequate level of cleanliness upon arrival in the apartment, he must notify the agency within the same day of arrival (or by the morning of the following day for arrivals after 19.00), in order to allow the rearrangement of the real estate unit. Cleaning costs are included in the price for “Summertime Family Resort” in Bibione and “Pini Village” in Lido Altanea.
Before repayment of the deposit, the personnel in charge is authorized to carry out random inspections to verify the cleanliness and tightness of the units rented. In the event of non-cleaning or damage to the property or furnishings, the deposit will be retained, except for higher costs for the restoration of the leased unit.

In case of early departure or after hours, please notify it us the day before. The keys must be returned to the staff in charge in the office or in the appropriate external box for departures after hours. In the latter case, the deposit, if paid in cash, will be sent by bank transfer at a cost of € 5.00 only upon return of the original “deposit coupon”. The deposit will be charged to the account for those who have chosen to leave the credit card details as a guarantee.

N.B .: In the event of early departure, Lampo Agency is not required to return the fee and expenses already paid.

Useful information

In this page you will find all the details to make the transfer.

If you have a voucher and you wish to book, you have to contact directly the branch of your wished destination, by mail or phone. Our staff is at your disposal to make your reservation according to your wishes and our availability.

N.B.: The voucher can be transferred to family or friends but it has to be used for one unique reservation.
In case, for serious, unforeseen reasons, you will have to cancel your booking, by giving us written notice, the deposit paid will not be lost if the cancellation is made up to 14 days before arrival. The deposit can be used for a reservation in our facilities during the current season or the following season.
In case of cancellation from 14th day before arrival, the deposit twill be withheld.
In case of NO SHOW, the deposi twill be withheld and you will have to pay the balance of the reservation.
The apartments are equipped with dishes, kitchen utensils, a pillow and a blanket for each bed. Linen, household and personal hygiene products are not included. On request, you can rent sheets and pillowcases at our offices. Only for “Summertime Family Resort” and “Pini Village” sheets, pillowcases and towels are included in the price. If crockery or other kitchen equipment is missing, please contact our offices immediately or the following day at the latest.
Each apartment has just one dedicated parking space of standard dimension whenever it is clearly stated in the description of the flat’s services. For further needs we ask you to contact our offices. We recommend you to respect the parking’s numbering and to use only your dedicated parking space assigned by the agency.
The interiors’ images on the website and in this catalogue have to be considered only as indicative. Please contact our offices to get informed specifically about your apartment’s interiors.
The apartments can accommodate a number maximum of people up to the one indicated on the description. In this case, in the counting children and new-borns have to be considered as adults.

Animals are allowed in some of our structures.

Cats and dogs of small size (max 10 kg) are allowed. At booking time please communicate the animal presence to the staff and an extra 50,00 € will be charged to the reservation. We remind you to have with you the vaccinations’ booklet. The animal’s behaviour must be managed by its owner in order not to disturb the other guests and the use of the leash is mandatory when not in the flat.
In respect of all the tenants, we kindly ask you not to smoke inside the flats.
At check in you will receive some informative material such as for the use of the boiler, the air conditioner, the wastes recycling, useful numbers, etc . Moreover, our staff is at your disposal for any need or information during the opening hours. Do not hesitate to contact us, to promptly resolve your problems and thus avoid complaints upon departure. For major health emergencies, call 112 immediately.
In our destinations, disinfestation interventions are carried out, always respecting nature. In addition, our employees carry out mowing, cleaning and pruning of the green areas, operating discreetly and as quietly as possible. We kindly ask you not to hinder their work and to have some understanding.
Yes, you can modify your reservation, an extra € 56,00 for reservation change.
Usually, the reservations have a minimum stay of 7 days with arrivals and departures on Saturdays. However, during low season’s periods (April, May and partly June and September) it is possible to have a 3 days minimum stay with weekly arrivals and departures. For long period stays contact us directly to get a tailored offer.
First thing check your inbox and the Spam. Otherwise, enter our website using your credentials (mail + password) from there, you can download the confirmation letter. Remember that you cannot download the letter if you have not entered your home address and fiscal code (just for Italians) previously.
In almost every beach it is possible to book your beach place. We suggest you to contact our office of reference to obtain the precise indication for each destination.
It’s possible to ensure the stay – until 12 p.m. of the day after the payment – in case of cancellation or interruption of the holiday at a very affordable price!
The insurance policy that protects the vacation in case of cancellation or interruption of the stay can be easily activated, with just a few clicks, when you make your reservation, using the link made available by Allianz Global Assistance in our site https://www.lampo.it/en/allianz-booking-protection/
The Q symbols are quality marks for the tourist agencies and real estates, they are assigned to each apartment on the base of the services offered to the guests in that specific flat (distance from the seaside, swimming pool, garden, furniture, air conditioned, TV, home appliances, low energy consumption devices, etc.) and on the base of the services provided in the local offices (foreign languages spoken, assistance for the upkeep, accepted credit cards, etc.).


This is where you can get a test in our destinations:

In Bibione 

CTO Sherman B / Synlab datamedica

Bibione, Piazzale Zenith

From Monday to Friday from 14:00 to 20:00 / Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 to 15:00 (until beginning of september). Price € 22,00

Primary Care Services for Tourists
Bibione, Via Maja 22
(From 09.08.2021 to 15.08.2021): Monday, Thursday and Friday from 15:00 to 18:00. Price € 22,00

Tourist Health Center
Bibione, Corso del Sole 162
From 8.30

Bibione Thermae
Bibione, Via delle Colonie 3 – Tel: +39 0431 441111
Every day from 8.00 to 11.30 without reservation. Prices: Rapid antigen-test € 40,00; PCR test € 80,00.

On-site pharmacies
Price € 22,00 (Please, contact the pharmacy to check the price)

In Caorle, Porto Santa Margherita and Lido Altanea you can book it in every pharmacy and it costs c.a. 26/30,00 €

Poliambulatorio Caorlese – in Via Strada Nuova, 24 – from Monday to Friday, for timetable contact the structure – tel. 0421.210091 – Price € 22,00

CTO Sherman B / Synlab datamedica

Caorle, Palaexpomar

On Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday ans Saturday, from 10:00 14:00. Price € 22,00

Sede Distrettuale – Riva dei Bragozzi 138, On Thursday from 15:00 to 18:00

Pharmacy Borin Viale in S. Margherita, 68 – Caorle – tel. 0421.210059
Pharmacy Girardi in Via Pigafetta, 11 – Porto. Santa Margherita – tel. 0421.260060

Pharmacy Redentore (Parafarmacia a Lido Altanea) – Rio Terrà delle Botteghe 28/30 – Caorle – tel. 0421.81044

In Jesolo you can book it in every pharmacy and it costs c.a € 30,00.
Pharmacy Cossettini Dr. Mario in via Bafile, 97 – Jesolo Lido – Tel. 0421.380394
Pharmacy Mazzini Dr. Borin Dario in Via Bafile, 445 – Jesolo Lido – Tel. 0421.370256
Pharmacy Comunale Cavallino in Via Equilia, 26 – Cavallino Treporti – Tel. 041.968196

Covid Point Portogruaro
Portogruaro, via Zappetti 23
From Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 14:00. Price € 22,00

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