Questions and answers

In order to help you better understand the current situation about the COVID-19 emergency, we have thought of giving you some answers to the questions you possibly are asking yourself right now. We hope we will be a support for you both, in case you have already booked your holidays and if you have not yet.

Download here the behavioural rules of our facilities

Is it safe to come to Binione, Caorle or Jesolo for my vacation?

In these locations, all our structures are adopting cleaning and sanitizing measures in order to ensure to everybody  the maximum safety in accomplice with the directives of the health authorities. In our beaches there will also be wide spaces between the sun umbrellas.

What do I have to do before my arrival in Agenzia Lampo?

In order to speed up the check-in procedure, we kindly remind you that from some years now we made it possible for you to upload in our website the data of your travel companions together with the possibility of making the total payment (tourist tax on the age basis included). You only have to enter the area “Your account & booking” on our website www.lampo.it. In this way, your permanence within the office will be reduced just to the time of the ID or passport check of all the occupants and the delivery of the keys which will be sanitized at each change.

How will the check-in procedure happen?

The entrance in the agency is allowed to only one member per family who will have to wear a facemask and will have to sanitize the hands with the gel in the entrance. In presence of fever or flu symptoms or if you know you came across a person potentially positive to Corona Virus 19 in the last 14 days, the access inside our office and apartments is not allowed, therefore we kindly ask you to inform us. During the check-in we kindly ask you to maintain 1 mt of social distancing in case you are not co-living already or going to during your vacation. Our staff is furnished with personal protection equipment and it is  trained and aware about the measures provided by the competent health authorities.  During this phase it will be our care, as always, to answer to all your questions. We would like to ask you though to evaluate the possibility of making them later on, or better even during the days previous to your arrival via email in order not to spend too much time inside the office.

How do you protect your employees?

The contact between co-workers is reduced to the minimum thanks to the efficient shifting and the distance between the workstations. We carry out complete training on the protocols to follow, regular temperature measurements and make sure that employees with symptoms do not enter the office. Our employees are equipped with protective masks, sanitizing gel and you will find barriers in our offices. The workstations are sanitized with sanitizing products frequently and at each end of the shift.

How will you manage the cleaning service in the apartments?

The cleaning and sanitizing protocol of our apartments has been integrated with the indications of the Ministry of Health:  a deep cleansing is performed followed by a careful sanitization of the surfaces, furnishings, dishes, utensils and floors with disinfectants and products anti-virus. The towels and bed linens, if rented at the Agenzia Lampo, are always sterilized by being washed in an industrial laundry.  Even equipment such as high chairs or cots for children will be properly sanitized and disinfected at every change. The staff is constantly trained and informed about the procedures to be respected and is always equipped with the required PPE such as masks and gloves and in possession of sanitizing gel.

How will you carry out the maintenance in the apartments?

If maintenance or repair work is necessary, our trained staff will intervene respecting interpersonal distances and equipped with safety devices.

Will the swimming pools be open? Which safety measures will be adopted?

The pools will be regularly opened, except for those where it will not be possible to respect the sanitary protocols: get specifically informed in our office.
Access to the pools will be regulated in order to guarantee the 1 mt social distancing between individuals, with the exception for people from the same family.
Toilets and showers will frequently be cleaned and sanitized with products recommended by the health protocols. While using them, the social distancing of 1 mt will be mandatory. In the pools area there will be dispensers with alcoholic hand hygienic solutions, for everyone to be used while entering the area. The equipment such as deckchairs, sun beds and umbrellas will be positioned in such a way to guarantee the social distancing of at least 1.5 meters between people of different families. The pool water treatments will be scrupulously adapted to the protection protocols for safe bathing. It is mandatory to use for very young children, the containment diapers. Equipment such as deck chairs and umbrellas are disinfected at every change of person or family unit or in any case at the end of the day. Parents are recommended to supervise children for compliance with spacing and hygiene-behavioural standards.

Do I have to use the protective facemask in the pool, at the beach and/or in which other places?

The use of the face mask is mandatory in indoor public places, such as the agency offices, elevators, hotel reception, bar, restaurants, pizza places, shops etc. In bars and restaurants you can remove your mask whilst sit at your table.

Will the beaches be accessible this summer?

Yes, the works to refurbish the beaches have already started in all our destinations, each one of them in respect of the general guide lines, even if there might be some differences from beach to beach. We warmly recommend you to book your beach place in advance, during your booking procedure in our office.

How will the equipped beaches be organised?

The beach places will be widely spaced, guaranteeing an area of at least 10 sq meters per umbrella. For the positioning of sunbeds and deck chairs it will always be guaranteed a distance of 1.5 mt between different families. Frequent cleaning and disinfection of common areas such as cash desks, changing rooms, cabins, toilets, showers, etc. will be guaranteed. For hygienic reasons, the storage of inflatable deckchairs and private strollers in the cabins will not be allowed.  Beach activities such as walks and children’s games will be allowed as long as at least one meter of distance between people who are not part of the same family group is ensured. The staff is constantly trained and instructed on the procedures to be respected and is always equipped with the required PPE such as masks and gloves and in possession of sanitizing gel. Equipment such as deck chairs and umbrellas are sanitized at every change of person or family and in any case at the end of the day. Individual sports such as rackets, swimming, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing are allowed, in compliance with interpersonal distancing measures, while recreational sports group activities that can give rise to gatherings are not allowed.

Will it be possible to access to free beaches?

The free beach areas will always be accessible in compliance with the interpersonal distance of at least one meter, guaranteeing an area of ​​at least 10 square meters per family group. Individual sports such as rackets, swimming, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing are allowed, in compliance with interpersonal distancing measures, while recreational sports group activities that can give rise to gatherings are not allowed.

Is it possible to book the beach place?

In almost every beach it is possible to book your beach place. We suggest you to contact our office of reference to obtain the precise indication for each destination.

Will there be an entertainment service in Lido Altanea and Bibione?

This year too we will provide the entertainment service in Lido Altanea and Bibione. The service will be adequate in order to avoid gatherings and ensure interpersonal distancing. Fitness, zumba, pilates and individual sports activities will take place with a distance of at least two meters between people. To meet everyone’s needs, different shifts can be scheduled upon reservation for the various activities. The evening shows will be available in two shifts by reservation to avoid gatherings.

Will the children’s play area be accessible?

Yes, the play areas will be accessible and special signs will be set up to invite parents and children to regulate the flow of games and to maintain at least one meter of separation between children except for members of the same family. It is mandatory for the parents and children over six years of age to use the mask. Play surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected regularly at least once a day.

Will there be the train in Lido Altanea?

The service is not confirmed yet, but we are waiting to evaluate the related protocol.

Will bars, pizza places and restaurant be open?  

The majority of the restaurants and entertainment activities will be open in all our destinations, scrupulously respecting the social distancing by positioning the tables adequately and adopting the sanitation and sanitization measures required by law.

Is it possible to book a holiday in your facility during this period?

Yes, it is. You can contact us via mail, via telephone or using the online booking service in this web site. Our staff is operative, however please consider there might be some delay in our replies due to the restrictions in place.

If I book now, will I have to pay the deposit?  

If you book in this website a deposit of the 30% of the total amount of the reservation (with a minimum of € 100,00) is requested. However, if you do not feel comfortable with paying the deposit you can contact us via mail and well make your reservation for you. For stays between May and June we decided we will not ask the deposit, for stays from July till September you will be able to pay the deposit up to the 15/06 by login in this website or by bank transfer.

I’ve already booked my vacation, can I cancel my reservation?

If you booked a vacation and the check-in date is close, we recommend you to contact the branch offices where you booked via mail. We will offer you two options:

  1. You can postpone your stay with no additional cost.
  2. You can cancel your reservation and will get a voucher with the same amount of the deposit.

If you booked a holiday and the check-in date is not close, we kindly invite you to wait before cancelling your reservation. We are optimistic, we believe that the situation will improve and we would like to have you as a guest on our beach.

Until when can I cancel my reservation without losing the deposit? 

Following the Covid-19 emergency, we have made our cancellation rules more flexible to meet your needs. You can cancel your reservation free of charge up to 14 days before check-in and you will get back a voucher that can be used for a future reservation in our facility by 30/09/2022.

What is and how does the deposit refund voucher work? 

In accordance with the article 88-bis of decree-law no. 18 of 2020 and article 28 of decree-law no. 9 of 2020, in case of cancellation of the reservation, the deposit paid will not be lost, but converted into a voucher of the same value that can be used until 30.09.2022.

This means that you can use the voucher to postpone the holidays this year or plan those for 2021-2022 season. The voucher can be transferred, so if you cannot come to us even next year, your friends or relatives can use it.

Can I get a refund of the deposit?

We would like to remind you that in the article no. 4 of our general rental condition it is expected that in case of cancellation the deposit will not be lost but it can be used to make a future reservation within the current season or the following one.
Furthermore, in reference to the article 88-bis of law no. 27/2020 it is allowed either the refund of the total amount paid or the issue of a voucher of the same amount to be used within one year from its issue. Therefore, the rule as formulated attributes the unilateral choice between the refund or the voucher to the landlord. Moreover, it states how this very same offer fulfils the reimbursement obligations.
Finally, we would like to remind you that the voucher does not need any acceptance from the recipient.
In conclusion, as per the reasons mentioned above, it is confirmed a voucher valid until the 30/09/2022.

Can I insure my vacation in case of cancellation?
It’s possible to ensure the stay – until 12 p.m. of the day after the payment – in case of cancellation or interruption of the holiday at a very affordable price!
The insurance policy that protects the vacation in case of cancellation or interruption of the stay can be easily activated, with just a few clicks, when you make your reservation, using the link made available by Allianz Global Assistance in our site https://www.lampo.it/en/allianz-booking-protection/

The photos of the internals I see in the brochure or on the internet reflect the apartment I reserved?
Any image of the furniture shown in this catalogue is to be considered as a sample. For any further information concerning details about the interior contact the office where you are going to book.

What do the symbols Q that I see in the apartments descriptions mean?
The Q symbols are quality marks for the tourist agencies and real estates, they are assigned to each apartment on the base of the services offered to the guests in that specific flat (distance from the seaside, swimming pool, garden, furniture, air conditioned, TV, home appliances, low energy consumption devices, etc.) and on the base of the services provided in the local offices (foreign languages spoken, assistance for the upkeep, accepted credit cards, etc.).

How many people can overnight in the apartment?
Flats cannot accommodate more people than the number of the beds. Children and babies are considered as adults.

Are pets accepted in the apartments?
In our residences we do not accept dogs or any other pets. For any further information contact the office where you are going to book.

Is it allowed to smoke in the apartments?
In respect of all the tenants, you are kindly requested not to smoke in the apartments

On the check in date, where can I collect the keys of the apartment I rent?
Remember that the handing over of the keys of the flats of the Lampo Agency takes always place at the address of the branch office where you have booked. Before leaving for the holiday, in order to avoid any waste of time, check the address and phone number of the office at this link or on the last page of the Lampo brochure.

On the check in date, from what time are the keys available?
The units cannot be available before 4 p.m of the check in date, since we need some hours to clean and control the flats after the former tourists’ departure. However, on request, if your apartment is already free and clean, we will be able to hand the keys over in advance.

What kind of documents do I need to exhibit at the check in?
During the reservation our employees will ask you to give the personal data of all the people that will stay in the apartment during the holiday. If you can’t provide the complete information in that moment or if you are booking online we heartily recommend you – in order to speed the check in procedure – to fill in the form online on the website www.lampo.it before your arrival in the branch office. However at your arrival in the office please remember to keep on hand the passports of all the people that will stay in the apartment for possible checks. We remind you that this formality is required by the Italian law: thanks to your cooperation by filling in the data online you will surely help us to speed up the formalities.

How can I pay my holiday stay?
According to the new Italian law regarding the traceability of cash, the payments exceeding € 2.999,99 must be settled ONLY by bank transfer, credit card or check. From 01/07/2020 the limit for cash payment will be € 1,999.99.

Are there extra costs that have to be paid at my arrival?
There could be additional costs that will be added to the rent sum. Usually the extra costs are the beach service and the city tax that may vary according to the destination. Upon request it is possible to add other costs like linen rental, extra beds, cribs or other. Please remember that at your arrival you are asked to pay a caution that will be given back at the end of your stay. Otherwise, instead of the cash caution, it will be possible to leave the credit card data as guarantee.

What equipment can I find in the apartment?
The apartments are equipped with dishes, kitchen utensils, a pillow and a blanket for each bed. (linens, home and personal hygiene products not included).
If there are no dishes or other kitchen equipment please contact our office staff immediately or the day after your arrival for a new supply.

If I have problems or special needs, who should I address to?
For any information or inconvenience, our staff is available during office opening hours. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us.
In this way we can solve any problem or answer your questions as soon as possible avoiding any complaints the day of your departure. Moreover in our offices you can receive useful information about events and excursions.

By what time must I leave on the check out day?
On the check out date apartments must be be vacated by 10 a.m., in order to allow us to check and clean the flats.
We would like to warn you that in order to avoid delays and inconveniences, the Lampo Agency reserves the right to charge a fee for any delayed departure, that is after 10 a.m.

In what state has the apartment to be left on the check out date?
THE APARTMENT MUST BE LEFT TIDY AND CLEAN, with bathroom and floors washed, free of rubbish, bottles, boxes, wardrobe shelves cleaned, with the washing-up done, fridge empty and defrosted with the door open.
OTHERWISE WE WILL CHARGE EURO 45,00 OR MORE FOR CLEANING COSTS, depending on the degree of dirtiness left behind. If the customer finds an improper level of cleanliness in the apartment on arrival, must notify it to the agency within the same day (or within the next morning for check-ins after 7 pm), in order to allow the agency to rearrange the apartment.

What is the procedure to have the deposit back?
Before the refund of the deposit, our authorized staff will check a random sample of flats to verify the overall conditions of the rented units.
If the flats are not cleaned or are damaged, the caution money will be withheld.

What should I do if I need to leave one day before the check out date or outside the opening hours?
In case of early departure or if you leave outside the office hours, we kindly ask you to inform us the day before. The keys have to be handed back to the employees in the office or left in the proper box letter outside the office. In the latter case, if at your arrival you left a cash caution, you will receive it back by bank transfer. Before giving back the deposit the staff is authorized to make controls to verify the overall conditions of the rented property. If the flat is damaged or not cleaned the cash caution will be withheld to cover the restoration costs or the money will be charged on the credit card left as guarantee.

Are there parking spaces where I can leave my car?
If specifically expressed in the apartment description, you have a reserved parking space. For each flat there is only one parking place available (for any further needs, please contact our staff). It is recommended to use the parking place assigned by the agency.