General Terms and Conditions

General rent conditions

1 – Introduction – The apartment object of the reservation is rented only for tourist purposes, in conformity to art. 1 paragraph 2 letter C, law no. 431/98.

2 – Reservation – The reservation can be made directly at one of our agencies in person or by phone, fax, e-mail or by internet. It is definitely confirmed only on receipt of the “Booking Confirmation”, which can be downloaded on on “My booking” section, sent by Lampo Agency by e-mail or post, or even hand over personally to the client, immediately after receiving the deposit. With this payment the guest declares his acceptance of the following rent conditions.

3 – Payment – Soon after booking, an account corresponding to 30% of the rent price (minimum Euro 100,00) will be requested. The balance, 70%, with the addition of the extra obligatory and optional charges, has to be paid on arrival. Guests can choose among different ways of payment: payment in person to the local Lampo office, delivery by post, postal order (not on-line), with granted covered cheque by registered letter, or bank transfer, for bank details go to the “ commercial information” page. Guests wishing to book on line will have to pay the account necessarily by credit card. On arrival the settlement and the extra obligatory and optional charges must be paid and the requested documents (see point 6) shown. The settlement can also be paid online on before arrival, by credit card. Guests will receive the keys of the flat only after having settled up.

4 – Cancellation – Customers who have to cancel their bookings due to serious and proven circumstances (such as illness or injury that due not allow one of the components of the booking to travel and that as to be proven by a medical or hospital certificate anyway) will not lose their deposits as long as they notify us in writing at least 14 days before their scheduled arrival date. They can use the deposit for a subsequent booking in our facilities during the current season or the following season. In the event of cancellations from 14th day before the scheduled arrival, the deposit shall be withheld. In the event of NO SHOWS (customers who have not showed up within midnight of the day following the scheduled arrival date without any notification), and whether Agenzia Lampo will not manage to rent again the apartment or if it will be rent at a lower price, the customers shall lose their deposit and they must pay the rest of the rent for the entire booking as penality.
In the event that government restrictions on mobility between states or regions are in force during the period of your stay, such as the closure of borders or the obligation of quarantine upon return of the holiday, or your destination/area of residence is declared a “red zone” or one of the trip members is tested positive for the Covid-19 (certified by the relevant health body), you can choose whether to leave the deposit for a subsequent booking or request a refund.
Please note that if you follow the link to the Allianz website on our homepage, you can take out holiday insurance that will cover you in the event of cancellations due to illness or accident. Agenzia Lampo will not refund rent and costs that have already been paid if customers decide to vacate their apartments earlier than the departure date agreed in the confirmation letter.

5 – Price – The rent price is stated in the “Booking Confirmation”. The given price also includes the revenue stamps and the booking’s charges. Details about other compulsory or optional charges according to the client’s needs, can be found in the catalogue as additional expenses. The knowledge and acceptance of these additional expenses by the client is confirmed by the booking and payment of the account. The sums the client will pay to Lampo Agency before entering the apartment will be held back by the Agency on non- interest-bearing return basis and will be charged on account of the lease payment only upon the delivery of the key.

6 – Arrival – The arrival must be on the fixed date between 4.00 p.m. and 7.00 p.m. (summer time). In case of delay the client is requested to inform in advance the local Lampo Agency. Otherwise the apartment will be kept at disposal just for one more day, after which the agency has the right to rent it again with the above-mentioned consequences for the guest (see point 4). On arrival all the occupants are requested to show the identification. To speed up the arrival formalities, we suggest our guests to fill up the special forms with all the requested data and to send it already signed before the arrival itself or to hand it over upon arrival. To simplify the check in procedure, it is possible to access the reservation on the website and to enter the personal data of the people that will occupy the apartment. Please follow the instructions on the website and be careful to enter the right data since they will be send to the local authorities.

7 – Conditions of stay and penalty – It is absolutely forbidden to host a number of people superior to the number of beds available in the apartment. On this regard, the children are considered as adults. If requested, and only if allowed by the current regulation, Lampo Agency can accept one extra person under payment of a surcharge. The presence, even if only occasional, of a higher number of people than the one indicated in the contract will bring to the cancellation of the booking and the client will be obliged to pay a penalty equal to the amount of the reservation, unless there is a higher damage. Animals are allowed in some of our structures. Please, verify in the catalogue which structures have the correspondent symbol. Cats and dogs of small size (max 10 kg) are allowed. At booking time please communicate the animal presence to the staff and an extra 50,00 € will be charged to the reservation. The use of personal stoves and heaters is not permitted. All guests must observe the regulations of each residence regarding rest hours, especially in the afternoon and at night.

8 – Apartment equipment – All our apartments are fully furnished and supplied with stoves or gas cookers, hot and cold water, electricity 220 volts. For each bed a blanket is provided. Guests must only bring their own bed linen, table linen and bath linen. Sheets and pillow-cases are available for rent on spot by the Agency. The mattress-covers and the pillow-covers can’t be used as bed linen, otherwise a compensation for damage will be charged. Normally iron and hairdryer are not provided. When the flat is unattended the guests are kindly requested to remove from the garden or the terrace the chairs and the table and to roll up sunshade curtains. It is not allowed to keep windows and doors opened while the air conditioning (where provided) is on. The guest must inform the local Lampo Agency about any breakages and missing equipment within 24 hours from receiving the keys. If Agency shouldn’t be informed, the costs will be charged to the client. If the customer finds an improper level of cleanliness in the apartment on arrival, must notify it to the agency within the same day (or within the next morning for check-ins after 7 pm), in order to allow the agency to rearrange the apartment.

N.B.: in case of trouble with the air-conditioning system (where provided), the Agency guarantees the repair within 3 working days. The guest will receive a refund of euro 5,00 per day during the period of lack of service.

9 – Departure The apartment must be left free on the departure day, at the latest at 10.00 a.m. in order to allow Lampo staff to check the apartment and cleaning condition, the departure must be during office hours. The departure at night or after office hours can also take place but only on request. In this case the agency can decide to keep the caution (see following point) and to return it by bank transfer after checking the apartment. Bank expenses will be charged. The flat must be left clean, free of rubbish, bottles, any kind of boxes, etc. The saucepans must be cleaned, the cupboard shelves cleared out and the refrigerator empty and defrosted (please do not scrape or remove ice with pointed objects but use instead the “defrost” button – usually red – and leave the fridge door open). Shouldn’t the flat be left in order and cleaned, additional cleaning expenses will be charged.

10 – Caution – The guest must take the utmost care of the apartment equipment (kitchenware, household appliances, mattresses etc). Any damage will be charged at list price. As a guarantee for the observance of the above-mentioned rules, the guests will pay Lampo Agency the caution (see price list) on arrival. This interest-free caution will be refunded after the apartment conditions have been checked. As an alternative to the deposit of the cash caution it will be possible to leave the details of the credit card that will be protected by a cryptographic system, and  that will be used only in case of need, like for example in case of damages and/or to cover cleaning expenses. In case of cash deposit and departure outside office hours, the deposit will be returned with a bank transfer at the cost of € 5,00.

11 – Agency responsibilities – Lampo Agency operates as an intermediary between the client and the owner of the flat. Lampo Agency can not be considered responsible for breakages, accidents, losses, delays and inconveniencies in general that should take place in the flat. The Agency will however help to solve any problem whereas possible. Any request of compensation for damages must be addressed to the owner of the flat through the agency .

12 – Privacy – According to the EU General Data Protection Regulation no.2016/679, we inform the guest that the personal data provided with the Booking Form will be treated by Lampo Agency in respect of this regulation, only and exclusively for the reservation accomplishment, the fulfillment of public security, for administration, accounting and finance aspects and for email communications to update rates and offers. The data provided may also be processed by Giove Spa as an external data processor for the same purposes. Read the extended version on With the send of the deposit the guest accepts the treatment of his personal data for the purposes described above.

13 – Special rules – Lampo Agency reserves the right to check the apartments to verify their proper use. If important negligence comes out, the reservation will be cancelled at once by full right for non-fulfillment by guest, and the Agency will be allowed to order the immediate release of the flat, if necessary in the presence of the police. The agency reserves the right to claim any damage and the refund of any cost related to the intervention of specialized personnel due to an improper use of the apartment and of its equipment by the guest. If necessary the employees of the Agency or of other authorized companies have the right to enter in the flats even when the guests are out. In case of unforeseen events, the Agency has the right to change the assigned apartment with a similar one. Should this other apartment be more expensive, the extra cost will not be charged. The request of a particular apartment (number, floor, position, view etc.) is not always guaranteed (if not confirmed in writing by the Agency). The photos of the furniture and the floor plans showed in the brochure are indicative only of the composition of the apartments and non-binding. The information about the energy performance of each property can be consulted in our branch offices.

14 – Competent court and applicable low – For any dispute, toghether with the content of this contract, will be applicable the italian competent low, who will decide about every dispute originated from this contract. As the Court where the Lampo Agency has seat, excepted specific exceptions foreseen by the low.

15- Acceptance – The guest declares to be acquainted with all the above-stated rent conditions and to accept them entirely and unconditionally.

16 – City tax – from 2013 the Italian Municipalities instituted the city tax, that has to be paid upon arrival when settling the bill, before receiving the apartment keys. The cost of the tax may vary according to the referential Municipality and it is calculated per person per stay. For further information visit the website