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The clean, blue water in the sea laps against the fine, golden sand of Caorle beach, which has an outstanding range of services, including sun lounger, deck chair and umbrella hire, showers, lifeguard and first aid services and easy access and facilities for disabled people.

There are also lots of cafés, bars and kiosks selling refreshments on Caorle beach, as well as play areas with childminding services, beach volleyball and bocce courts, beach soccer pitches, aerobics sessions and entertainment. Some of the biggest attractions are the 10×10 m floating platforms, which are anchored a short distance from the shore and have ladders for easy access. They are a great place to sunbathe and enjoy views of Caorle from the sea.



No visitors to Caorle should miss out on a stroll along the promenade, which starts at Levante beach and goes past the Sanctuary of the Madonna dell’Angelo, continues all along the “living rocks” of the sea defences and ends at Caorle lighthouse on the River Livenza. Although the promenade is quite long at approximately 7 km, the wonderful views of the sea mean that it is a delightful place for a stroll both in the summer and in the winter.

Past the Nicesolo canal to the East of Caorle lies the Brussa wild beach, which constitutes the far edge of the Vallevecchia lagoon by the sea. There are no buildings near the beach, which is still in an unspoilt, natural state. It is approximately 30 km away and it is accessible by car or bicycle. It is considered a real natural paradise and there is a wealth of flora and fauna in its conservation areas. There are pine groves, sand dunes, reed thickets and a coastline full of colours that range from gold and green to red and sky blue. It is the undisputed domain of migratory and sedentary birds and it has a number of hides for birdwatching and a natural history museum.


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