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Caorle and sport are the perfect match. The town has a wide range of sporting facilities, including a municipal stadium with a main football pitch and two training pitches, bocce and tennis courts and a six-lane athletics track where leading international sporting events are held. In addition, Caorle has a sports centre which hosts basketball, volleyball, five-a-side football, karate and handball, as well as the PalaExpomar multi-purpose centre, which is mainly used for exhibitions and conferences.

On the boundary between Lido Altanea and Duna Verde there is a stunning golf course that stretches from the provincial road down to the sea, allowing players to enjoy the unique experience of a game overlooking the waves.



Competitions are often organized in the modern municipal swimming pool that can be found nearby in Porto Santa Margherita and there are tennis courts in the Orologio area of Caorle.

In addition to the fishing port by the old town centre where around a hundred small and medium motorboats are moored, Caorle is home to the Orologio marina. The main dock opens out onto the canal of the same name and there are secondary docks surrounded by modern residential properties. Caorle is a vibrant resort all year round, so boat owners can take advantage of its marina even in the winter.


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