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Between waves, slides and a golf match


Jesolo has a great deal to offer for everyone who is looking for more than just traditional beach life and simple relaxation. It has entertainment teams, play areas for children and beach volleyball and bocce courts. In addition, it is possible to hire bicycles, rickshaws, mini electric cars, quads and scooters to travel up and down the coast independently and have fun at the same time.

There are lots of exciting attractions for tourists in Jesolo’s many theme parks.

Aqualandia is the number one water park in Italy. It spans 80,000 m² and it has 26 thrilling attractions, including the tallest water slide in the world and the highest bungee jumping tower in Europe, as well as seven acrobatic shows and entertainment activities in a Caribbean setting. Visitors can take part in group dances, fitness lessons, water aerobics and aqua-cycling sessions. In the special Funnyland area for children, they can drive in cute little cars through the jungle, where they will find obstacles to get past, amusing characters and lots more to keep them entertained.



Jesolo Golf Club is like a little village nestled in immaculately groomed, refined green surroundings with all of the facilities that players might need to make their experience truly unforgettable. The course stretches out over 900,000 m² and it has 18 standard holes as well as two executive holes. A resort with apartments to rent is located on the course. The restaurant is one of the best in the area and it has a very well-stocked wine cellar.

The Pista Azzurra karting circuit hosts national and international competitions every year. Due to its superb technical qualities, it is considered an ideal testing ground for new drivers to gauge the speed of their karts and fine-tune them. The track provides a number of services, including kart hire for those who are keen to experience the thrills of zooming around the circuit. There is also a snack bar, a children’s play area and a shop that sells clothing and spare parts for karting enthusiasts.

Jesolo Sea Life centre has 37 large tanks containing 5,000 creatures and more than 100 aquatic species from all of the seas across the world: from seahorses and starfish to jellyfish, giant rays and mysterious sharks. It takes visitors on a journey through an underwater world and they can get a fascinating, alternative glimpse of all of the inhabitants of the sea as they travel through a subaquatic tunnel. The Sea Life centre organizes guided tours for visitors, including groups and school parties. It also runs educational activities for children and allows visitors to watch the staff looking after the fish.



In the Aquarium & Reptilarium and the Shark Expo in Jesolo, there are reptiles, tropical butterflies, snakes, tortoises, tropical fish, spiders, scorpions and sharks living on display in large tanks and protected areas. Visitors can buy a single ticket which is valid for all of the exhibitions. The rare, captivating animals on show are kept in healthy environments that cater to all of their needs.

Tourists who want to spend an adventurous day following in the footsteps of Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew can go looking for loot and plunder on board the historical galleon the Jolly Roger. All hands will be on deck armed with cutlasses and grappling hooks for exhilarating new games and plenty of music, fun and laughter.


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