Amid the greenery and the sand

Blue, gold and green, the colours of Bibione


Bibione has a beach of fine, golden sand that stretches out over a huge 11 kilometres, with the clean water of the sea lapping against it, the lagoon on one side, the mouth of the River Tagliamento on the other and picturesque countryside behind it. Blue, gold and green are the distinguishing colours of the resort.

Blue is the colour of the sky and the clean, safe sea. Bibione has been awarded a Blue Flag no fewer than 24 times in recognition of the cleanliness and quality of its water and beach. It was also the first tourist site in Europe to receive EMAS eco-management certification due to its high environmental and territorial standards.



Gold is the colour of the 11 km beach that slopes gently down to the sea, making the water particularly safe for children. Kids can also have a great time under the watchful eyes of their parents in the many well-equipped play areas and during the activities run by the entertainment staff.

Green is the colour of the natural environment around Bibione. In the Val Grande and Vallesina lagoon and pine groves, you can savour the stunning hues and pleasant fragrances of protected species of flora and fauna. The charms and quiet corners of the landscape are part of the local heritage and they deserve to be treasured and preserved.


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