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As the weather starts to get warmer, nature and the outdoor world begin to call. Walks and bike rides in a beautiful maritime landscape with your family, your friends or on your own are some of the best revitalizing activities to enjoy on holiday.

Bibione is the perfect place if you want to go for a walk or a ride along the many cycle paths in the area. Depending on your level of fitness, you can choose between short and longer routes with gorgeous views of the sea and the enchanting natural landscape in the pine groves, the inland areas and the nearby lagoon.


We can recommend a number of cycling routes that start in Bibione:


Biking around Bibione (13 km) takes you along the town’s landmark seafront cycle path. It is nice at any time of day, but the colours make it particularly romantic at sunrise and sunset.

The Lighthouse and the Pine Grove (11 km) is a route along several inland paths and the promenade that leads you through the greenery of Bibione Pine Grove to the Lighthouse, which stands tall at the easternmost point of the resort like a guard watching over it. It is a fascinating, mesmerizing place to visit that has now been renovated and made into a museum.


The “Casoni” and Countryside of Terzo Bacino (23 km) will allow you to discover the local vegetation and the fauna of the lagoon environment. You can also see the fishermen’s homes known as Casoni, which embody part of Bibione’s history and traditions.



Vallevecchia and Brussa (70 km) is a longer, more demanding route for lovers of nature and life in the great outdoors. It will take you to Vallevecchia, where you can do some birdwatching, admire the natural environment and visit the Vallevecchia Environmental Museum.

River Tagliamento (36 km) is for mountain biking fans and it takes in minor roads, beautiful countryside and San Michele town centre. You will also see the luxuriant banks of the River Tagliamento.

As well as falling for the charms of the pristine natural environment and the wildlife, during these bike rides you will see old farmhouses, romantic canals, meandering rivers and ancient villages in the local area with farms, restaurants, inns and wineries where you can get some refreshment and restoration from delicious traditional dishes.

If you do not bring your bike on holiday, it goes without saying that there are a number of bicycle hire services in Bibione.


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