How to pack for a beach holiday

Your holiday’s booked and soon it will finally be time to take a well-deserved break! Why not take a look at our guide to everything you need to know about perfect packing for a beach holiday?

If you’re worried about packing, we’re here to help! All you need to do is remember a few simple rules and you’ll soon be ready to pack the perfect suitcase, whether you’re going away for a weekend or a whole week! Here are all our top tips for packing!

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First of all, check the weather forecast. The temperatures shown on weather websites should be fairly reliable. Think carefully about what sort of weekend you have planned. Will you be doing a lot of walking? Or will you be focusing more on the nightlife and eating in fashionable restaurants then dancing in clubs? Will you need smart clothes or an extra pair of comfortable shoes?

As you pick out items to take, lay them out on your bed so that you can see everything: it’ll help you to notice if you’ve forgotten anything.


Resist the urge to empty out your entire wardrobe into the suitcase. Instead, decide what you’re going to wear every day and stick to it. Pack clothes that go well with lots of different items, such as a basic pair of jeans or trousers and plain jumpers and t-shirts. You’ll be able to mix and match them in various ways without having to take a large number of garments.

Ideally, you should choose a pair of jeans, a dark-coloured pair of trousers or skirt, and a few cardigans or pullovers in different hues. A pashmina is another essential item. It will hardly take up any room but it can come in handy in all sorts of situations, such as if the temperature suddenly drops, the air conditioning is too cold or your coat isn’t warm enough.

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Use small containers and plastic bottles for carrying items such as jewellery. Old glasses cases are perfect for stashing earphones and phone chargers. If you’re going to be away for less than a week, you’ll only need a small supply of shower gel, shampoo and conditioner.

One great tip for perfect packing is to put your socks in your shoes: it’ll save room and make sure they don’t lose their shape in the suitcase.

However, the number one space-saving method is to fold and roll. It’ll keep your suitcase in order without creasing your clothes! Fold your tops as normal, but then fold them again on their longest side and roll them up. Now you’ll be able to fit them even into the smallest gaps without creasing them.

Another trick is to roll up your belt and slip it inside a shirt collar. It’ll stop the collar from getting squashed by the other clothes and ensure it keeps its shape.

Finally, put together a little travel kit so that you don’t have to empty out your suitcase in search of essentials. Put a snack, a book, lip balm, cash, travel documents, sun cream, headphones and a magazine in a resealable plastic bag and keep it in easy reach.

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