Touring Eastern Veneto

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The best time to go on holiday has always been early or late summer: those days in May and September when everybody dreams of enjoying a peaceful break.

The days are warmer and longer than in March, the weather is less sultry than in July and everywhere is much less crowded with tourists than in August. Furthermore, you can find the best offers in hotels and apartments in these two periods.

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All that’s left is to decide where to go and then take the opportunity when you make your reservation (by calling Agenzia Lampo or clicking here) to also book a guided tour of two real gems in inland Eastern Veneto: Portogruaro and Concordia Sagittaria.

You can spend wonderful hours among the remains of Romanesque art and breathtaking river landscapes that will make you fall in love with this part of Italy more and more. In addition, the delicious selection of traditional Veneto dishes is more than capable of satisfying the appetite that you always work up when you’re travelling.

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You’ll soon feel at home among the two picturesque towns on the banks of the Lemene River, which seem to be the perfect match for the countless historical and unique wonders that surround, envelop and adorn them.

The many marvels of the area include merlons on the tops of monuments, decorative frescoes that are still almost entirely intact in villas, inquisitive cranes standing guard over wells, lions at the top of old columns, and fresh green foliage along the banks of the river, where you’ll take a short cruise. You’ll find the remains of one of the oldest Romanesque churches under your feet and mosaics that reveal the style and art of the time. These historical remnants all conjure up images of a period that may be in the distant past but still shapes the atmosphere here in Eastern Veneto.

To learn more about the trip and lots of other experiences that you can enjoy during your holiday, click here!

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