What can you do if it’s raining?

No holiday in Bibione is complete without a trip to the spa. It’s a great place to go when the weather is bad: you can enjoy a wonderfully relaxing day there as the rain comes down outside. Bibione is famous for its large, family friendly beach with a vast array of showers, services and sports facilities, not to mention the breathtaking cycle path that runs alongside it, stretching from one end of the sand to the other.

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However, the resort is also well known for its hot spring water. The renowned spa complex that has built up around it attracts both people who need treatment for health issues and those who are looking for a little relaxation and well-being. There are two floors in the spa centre. Downstairs, there is an indoor area with pools of a variety of depths and sizes, whirlpools and hot showers, as well as an outdoor zone that is more like a real swimming pool. There is also a large poolside area with sun loungers that is perfect for visitors who want to keep topping up their tans even during a day at the spa.

The first floor is used for treatments with saunas and the Turkish bath, while another part of the building is dedicated to medical care.
The spa is a perfect place to go when it rains during your holiday in Bibione. Families can have a great day out there.

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Numerous children splash around happily with their armbands and inflatable toys, while their parents have a swim or a dip in a whirlpool tub, keeping an eye on them at all times.
There are two shallow pools that are suitable for children: one inside with hot water and one outside. In addition, outside there are umbrellas and sun loungers in the large grounds looking out over the sea.
Taking a trip to the spa is definitely one of the things to do in Bibione when it rains that the whole family will most enjoy experiencing together.

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