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Bibione has a wealth of culinary delights to offer. Any stay in the resort is made even more enjoyable by the traditional food and wine made with wholesome ingredients, seafood and the produce of the land, together with the warm hospitality.

A large number of meat and fish dishes are associated with Bibione. It is particularly famous for its white asparagus, which is used in many springtime recipes. It tends to be served boiled and accompanied by boiled eggs that are crushed to form a flavoursome sauce.

In addition, Bibione is an excellent rice growing area. Many restaurants in the town serve delicious, delicate asparagus risotto with the famous Lison-Pramaggiore DOC wines, which have rich bouquets and prominent characters.



Gastronomy plays a big role both in Bibione and in inland areas. The traditional dishes can be found not only in trattorias and farmhouse establishments, but also in the most acclaimed restaurants. Fresh fish is used in many delectable recipes, from classic, fragrant grills and crispy fried delicacies to seafood linguine and spaghetti.

For many years now, at the end of every summer the traditional local products have been celebrated at the big Septemberfest wine and grape festival. Food and wine stands offer tastes of favourites from Bibione and the Veneto region as a whole, such as mild, mellow Montasio cheese, calamari, sardines, rich polenta and confectionery, all of which is washed down by magnificent Lison-Pramaggiore organic DOC wine. There is also lots of music, fun for children with fire-eating acrobats, games and all sorts of other activities, as well as a magical fireworks display to bring the evening to a close.


In the heart of Bibione Lido del Sole, Sporting Bar awaits you for a summer full of taste. A relaxing breakfast with cappuccino and some pastry, a quick lunch with salads and sandwiches, a fresh ice cream on the way back from the beach or a happy hour with a spritz or a beer while your children have fun during the evening animation shows of Agenzia Lampo … all this and much more in your favourite place in Bibione. Check out the Sporting Bar’s Menu.

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