Bars, pubs and clubs in Jesolo

The Northern Adriatic coast is internationally renowned for the outstanding facilities on its long, golden beaches. Easy to reach by either car or plane, it’s the ideal destination for families. As well as the numerous parents and children that visit the resort, Jesolo provides a huge range of services for people of all ages. Located just 40 km from Venice, it’s a real treasure trove for tourists.

For many years, Lido di Jesolo has held the crown as the number one resort for nightlife in the area. Young people first began flocking there for nights out in the 1970s. They went for the dance halls initially, then the club scene in Jesolo exploded in the 1990s and it has been attracting thousands of young revellers ever since. The night spots have built up their own distinctive identities over time and there is something to suit all tastes.

Countless events in Jesolo
There is a vast range of options when it comes to nightlife, so we’ve decided to make things easier for you by putting together a handy list of the hottest spots in town. Whether you’re here for a family holiday, a break with friends or a romantic getaway, you can rest assured that you’ll always have a great time at events in Jesolo.

Going out in the Lido Ovest area Let’s start with the place that sets the benchmark for clubs in Jesolo: Muretto, at 120 Via Roma Destra. It is unquestionably the most famous club in town thanks to the reputation that it has built up over the last 50 years for offering an unbeatable selection of the latest entertainment. The performers have ranged from singers like Mina and James Brown in the 1960s to the top DJs in the world today. The line-up changes each week and includes techno and house music nights, sets by the biggest DJs around, and Mamacita nights, where you can have a great time to the sound of Rhythm and Blues, Latin and Pop music.

The coolest club in the whole of Jesolo is on the same street as Muretto, at number 120/b. It’s called the Marina Club and it’s the perfect place to have fun in sophisticated surroundings. It has its own restaurant that serves exceptional food, so you can start the evening by indulging in the pleasures of the palate. Afterwards, head out into the garden and take it easy as you sip delicious cocktails and listen to great music with your friends. It’s a wonderful way to combine mouth-watering dishes and pumping beats during an unforgettable weekend in the clubs of Jesolo.

Going out in the town centre If you’re looking for an amazing night out right in the middle of the town centre, the Vanilla Club – with its minimal furnishings and breathtaking garden – is the place for you. Treat yourself to a night full of marvellous music and fabulous fruit cocktails in wonderful company: go to 15 Via Michelangelo Buonarroti and have a whale of a time dancing until dawn.

What if you want to start the evening somewhere you can recharge your batteries?
Cocoricò at 396 Via Bafile is the ideal spot for you. It’s a restaurant that’s halfway between Piazza Brescia and Piazza Mazzini in the part of the town centre that’s always buzzing until late at night, with something to suit all tastes in the numerous shops and bars. At Cocoricò, they have an appetizing selection of chicken, pizza and beer for you to enjoy, but that’s just the start: after dinner, the whole place is transformed and they start playing music to get you pumped up for the night ahead. Give it a try and you won’t regret it!

One for the road
What better way could there be to bring the weekend to a close than with sundowners at Capannina Beach on Sunday evening! You can savour all sorts of delicious cocktails with your feet in the sand on the shore just around the corner from Piazza Mazzini. Let your hair down with your friends to the sound of the latest hits, as the sun sets and the waves lap against the beach. It’s the ideal way to make sure you go home with a smile on your face, ready to plan your next summer getaways in Jesolo!

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