Loyal guests… 25 years

It’s nice to know that your guests spent so good time in your facilities that they decide to come back, year after year, after year.

And this is even more beautiful today, in an era in which the holiday options are so many and different, both in terms of destinations, both in terms of type of accomodation.

That’s the reason why in Agenzia Lampo we welcomed with open arms the return in Porto Santa Margherita of the Hansen family, that from 25 summers comes to stay in our apartments to spend their holidays: first they came with their kids, now that the family has become bigger also the daughter-in-law and the grandchildren come too.

Likke and Mogens Hansen remember that their first time in Porto Santa Margherita dates back to 1989, year in which they booked their first holiday here with the danish tour operator Novasol. Since that date they fell in love with the historical and natural beauties of this land and with the welcoming people and decided to come back every year after! And while they continue to stay in their beloved Porto Santa Margherita, their son – that has now family and kids – retraces his parents footsteps choosing Agenzia Lampo as well, but the services and modern villages in Altanea.

On 23rd June 2014 with the Hansens to celebrate this pleasant anniversary there were Caorle tourism assessor Francesco Gusso, Giorgio Mazzarotto, one of Agenzia Lampo owners and the colleagues of Agenzia Lampo Porto Santa Margherita Michela Salgarella and Mirca Vian – who have worked here from 20 years – Giorgio Stevanello and the new entry Michela. It was a short but touching cerimony: flowers and the certificate of loyalty to the city of Caorle Porto Santa Margherita were handed to the couple.

We wish them to spend a pleasant holiday here and to carry on spending their holiday in Porto Santa Margherita also for the next 25 years! 🙂

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