Bibione white asparagus

Every year in late April in Bibione takes place the festival of asparagus, do you know why?

The countryside around Bibione is rich of fields and crops,  you may have noticed that if you already spent here your holidays. But besides the classical fields of corn and wheat there are also many farms that grow fruits and vegetables, and that are mainly located at the entrance of the resort.

One of the vegetables that grows particularly well in Bibione is asparagus, which finds in the sandy soil the ideal environment to mature healthy and delicious. Asparagus was introduced among the crops of the area in the 60s by the families of Istrian exiles who settled here bringing with them the cultivation techniques of their motherland.

Since the growing technique used here is particular, the variety of asparagus grown in this part of Veneto is called“white asparagus of Bibione”. You can find it in the markets throughout the spring and in delicious dishes until early summer .

To promote this genuine and local product Bibione dedicates a local festival to it, the asparagus festival, that this year is in its 44th edition and that will take place on 24th and 25th April.

As usual, the festival will be held in the parking lot of the funfair, where usually takes place the weekly market: a tensile structure will be installed and there you can enjoy delicious starters and main courses of asparagus.

To get a preview of the festival we give you one of the simplest and best known recipes for asparagus, the risotto!

Risotto with Bibione white asparagus

Doses for 4 people


300 gr. of rice for risotto
200 gr. of white asparagus from Bibione
150 gr. of bacon
white wine
1 clove of garlic
salt & pepper


Wash the asparagus, cut the tail end and peel with a potato peel the fibrous part of the stem. Meanwhile fry in a pot over low heat the garlic and the olive oil and then add the asparagus, cut into small pieces. After a few minutes, add the bacon and cook the ingredients.

Add the rice and toast it, then add a bit of white wine and let go everything until the liquid evaporates.

When the ingredients start to dry, add the broth in small doses giving time to the mixture to evaporate before adding more broth. Continue until the rice will have absorbed enough liquid and is cooked. Be careful not to overdo it with the broth by pouring too much all at once or at the end you will have a too thin and overcooked risotto.

Add salt, pepper and, if you like it, add some “Grana” cheese.

Enjoy your meal!

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