Bibione animation team presents…

We left after an intense afternoon of dancing and beach games with the animation staff of Lampo Agency in Bibione (follow the link you will find the whole story!).

It’s evening and it’s baby dance time. And it is also time of the super show “The History of Music” (that many had foretold me be very nice).

At 20.30 I arrive in Sporting Bar in Bibione: many people are already there, sitting at the tables or on the steps of the small arena. The children are already quivering waiting for the animators, trying the steps of the baby dance, chasing each other in front of the stage…

At 21 the show begins with the presentation of the dancers: Kosi, Sara, Matteo and Teresa go on the stage and start to guide the public. Tight under the stage following the steps of the animators there are lots of children, but also teenagers and adults who enjoy dancing. And the great thing is that many know by heart the steps… How many things you can learn in just a few days of vacation!

Soku soku, big fish, head and shoulders knees and toes… These are just some of the songs that are repeated in arena!

After the dances there is just a little pause so that the animation staff can get ready for the show “History of Music”: a musical that is a collage of different shows, each one anticipated by the photos of the “behind the scenes” of the reharsals.

Everything starts with “Notre Dame de Paris”, with a choreography in which the actors play with white sheets and Andrea, who plays the Hunchback of Notre Dame, who climbs up on the scaffolding of the stage as if they were real gargoyles.

The show continues with a exciting and engaging “Mamma Mia”.

It’s in this moment that I see the bright costumes that Kosi was preparing in the afternoon: I didn’t realize that those clothes full of frills were the male costumes! But I have to say that the they suit to the animators Matteo, Andrea and Francesco sooo good! The guys seem to be completely at their ease wearing them!

The pace continues with “The Blues Brothers”: the colored leotards have been replaced with the black and white clothing , jacket and tie, sunglasses… And then “You, me, them … Everybody!” all sing along and dance by the rythm of Everybody need somebody!

And then the long awaited grand finale with “We Will Rock You” and the live singing performance by Andrea that seems the real Freddie Mercury belting out songs of the Queen.

At the end you can imagine how many cheers for animators … What do you say, do they deserve them?? 🙂

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