Portogruaro: art forms within the walls

Walking through the streets of Potogruaro can be seen as architecture and art have found free rein over the years. Just look up to the top and find buildings with bas-reliefs, frescoes, distinctive shapes of the triple lancet windows.

Let’s discover the stories of some of these buildings.

At the beginning of Via Martiri there is Palazzo Dal Moro dating back to the buckets. XIV and XV. Catch our eyes the many species of bas-reliefs from the Roman period as the head of Jupiter Ammon and the two dogs with the inscription Paridi canaci.

Then you find Palazzo De Götzen, of XV century. To characterize its front there are three great arches in Gothic style and, above them, two rows of windows particularly known for its splendid four lancet windows. Today there is impossible to notice the frescoes on the facade, rapresenting flowers and fruit intertwined, which instead you can see in the portico.

It’s recognizable and yet clearly defined, instead, the fresco on the facade of Palazzo Moro, representing the march of the Roman cavalry, and going on in the street the four-Renaissance arches and columns with Ionic capitals of Palazzo Muschietti.

A quick stop for a drink along the course tasting local bubbles and then off over Porta Sant’ Agnese at Casa Pasqualis where we find remains of the XVI century fresco with allegorical subjects and putti on the windows, friezes and coat of arms.

One last effort, continue along Via Cavour and arrive in Via Seminario. There, still untouched, the facade of Palazzo Marzotto. To adorn the palace of the XVI century a fresco divided into two parts: the upper is represented Prometheus who stole fire in Heaven and a figure representing the Law. Just below you can find Apollo and the nine Muses and the horse Pegasus. Alongside a naked figure teaching fine arts and languages. Still Apollo play the lute and still bas-reliefs and arabesques.

A different route to find the treasures that we have on hand but we don’t notice! We should try more often to change point of view and perspective, don’t you?

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