Hemodialysis and holiday travel together


Be able to combine right to health and right to vacation is an alternative way to stay close to those who need treatments in daily lives and give serene moments.

In Bibione the holiday in full tranquility is guaranteed from healthcare  of ULSS 10 “Veneto Orientale” that confirmed each year from 01. May to 30. September the full activity of the center specialized in hemodialysis.

Very often, the turists that need to do medical treatments, they cannot book long term holidays in places far from home, because they do not have the opportunity to continue the treatments in the chosen place.The many patients with serious renal failure, needy to do dialysis at the hospital center, they aware of this problem.

For us it is not necessary that one thing excludes the other, on the contrary the benefits of medical treatment can only be enhanced by the pleasure of the sun that makes gilded the skin, from cool breeze that gives relief on hot days and from the slow rythm and pleasant of waves.



Bibione wants to combine the health of vacationers to holiday along the coast and, for this reason, guarantees the right to medicale care for those who want to enjoy a period of total relax, sea, sun, fun and entertainment.

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