Gastronomy: a journey on the table



Walking to the streets of the historic center of Portogruaro, I immersed myself in a climate of great feasts. Gastronomic stands, music and shows have aroused in me a great curiosity. It’s all fitted for Terra dei Dogi that from May 8th, for three days, will be an open air stage. The scent of Venetian cuisine covers and crosses all the streets of the city, awakening the most demanding palates of young and old.


How can we not stop to drink a good glass of wine DOC Lison Pramaggiore with friends, tasting its aromatic fragrances obtained from fertile soils and controlled. Its aroma brings me back to the characteristic wineries along the Street of Doges’s Wines, with its architectural frames and the strong smell of must given off during the crushing phase. And then, the magic of the vineyards, with vines white and red, that frame the summer landscape of Venetian countryside.

I note with pleasure that the shop next me offers the prized ham of San Daniele and I stop immediately. I stop and savor the tasty product with eyes closed. Its flavor leads my mind to the town of Friuli Venezia Giulia, where the breeze of the Adriatic coast and cool winds from the Alps come together to create the right microclimate for drying of ham best known in Italy and abroad. The European Union has declared it a DOP Product because the origin lands are delimited and work processes are unique and inimitable.



During the Milano Expo 2015, also Veneto Region wants to show its rich gastronomic culture. Why not discover the many initiatives active from May to October? The area is diversified, from the Adriatic Sea with its surrounding plains of the province of Rovigo and Venice, the hills of the province of Padua, Verona and Treviso to get on top of the mountain peaks of the Belluno’s province. A path made of roads but also and above made of the senses, culture and traditions passed down from generation to generation.

I stop along the coast and I realize how fishing is the main activity of the many fishermen who live there. Life of passion for the sea, hard work that leads on the tables the pleasure of fresh fish.It is nice to sit in a typical restaurant, to watch the sea and taste the freshly caught fish. You can visit some fish markets, in particolar the wholesale market of the city of Chioggia.



I highly recommend some regional dishes such as Baccalà alla vicentina, Sardine in saor, Risotto alla trevigiana, Seppie in nero, Bigoli in salsa. And the “polenta”, loved  popular food adapted for meat and fish dishes. For the sweet tooth, typical desserts are tiramisù, fregolotta, mandorlato and Pandoro for the Christmas festivities. A combination of simple ingredients like milk, honey, eggs and sugar, used since ancient times by mothers and grandmothers.



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