Adrenaline in Aqualandia in Jesolo

It’s 10.00 am when the water park Aqualandia in Jesolo opens its doors to the public, and I make myself through the crowd of young people and families who are waiting to enter … It is already very hot and I can not wait to dive into one of the many pools in the park!

I find a comfortable space on the grass, under the shade of the trees. There I place my towel and I run immediately to the top of the water slides on which today I definitely want to go up, over and over again!

Ready, set, go!

I start from Toboganes that seems a funny and not too “scary” slide: the right one to begin with. When my turn comes I get on the two people boat with a friend and we start the swoop through a thousand curves! We can choose our path among the three slides that meet and overcome: splashing water and lots of laughter!
Landed in the pool I immediately run on another slide nearby… the Crazy River! It really seems the best to have fun with friends! You go up on these ring-shaped rubber boats for two people and you go down through a path of water in the rock. It’s fun because you can create trains wit your friends and try to go down by being united… Among the curves, whirlpools and crossroads it is not easy, but it’s too fun to try!
In fact, I came down and I would like to go back already!

Now that I have warmed up with the easier slides I’ve decided that the time has come to throw myself on the most demanding: Spacemaker, Scary falls, Stargate and … Kamikaze!
They are so many, but I prefer to deal with them before lunch.

The Spacemaker is the highest water slide in the world, you go down in 4 on a boat, and as soon as you start the swoop it seems to fall on deaf ears, with the heart in throat! A rush of adrenaline!
The Stargate is not recommended for claustrophobic, it’s all indoors! 220 meters in a tube where you can not see anything except for some glimmer of light here and there … It’s an experience out of this world!
Even ScaryFalls is all indoors: it starts quietly without excessive slopes, but in the last section the slope increases, and here comes the funny part!
Finally, the Kamikaze. If you look at it you can think that it is neither too high nor too dangerous, but then you realize that you have to get down on your stomach at breakneck speed… And then it’s complete scare!

Emerged unscathed and amused by all these tests I finally decide to relax eating something in the snack area, choosing from one of the many dining options. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

I also take part to one of the many events that take place at different times of the day. Now the pirates are showing in acrobatics and challenge each other with their swords. Even children stop to look at them with their mouths open. Then I relax on the Caribbean sand, and have some fun in the pool with artificial waves!

In the end I’m really tired, but I still allow myself another pair of runs with friends on the Crazy River, my absolute favorite! 🙂

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