A walk to the lighthouse of Bibione

Extremely attractive for a walk or a bike ride in the middle of the nature is the area of ​​the lighthouse in Bibione which is located in the East side of Bibione, passing by the residential area of Lido dei Pini.

The lighthouse is set on the beach: on one side it overlooks the sea and on the other overlooks the mouth of the river Tagliamento.

How to reach it: from the countryside of Bibione

Coming from the large roundabout at the entrance of the beach resort walk down Corso del Sole and turn left in Via Parenzo at the next smaller roundabout. After a further stretch of paved road you pass a small gate and step into the bike path leading to the lighthouse.

Here the landscape that surrounds us is the typical landscape of the Veneto countryside, flat and with many fields where delicacies are grown: wheat, corn, asparagus, fresh vegetables. Soon the sunny and parched by the sun road leaves space to a pleasantly shady pine forest.

The path is gravel and sandy: a sign that the beach is close! While walking (or cycling) you can see many wild flowers, and the natural flora that makes this stretch of coast environmentally important.

How to reach it: from the beach

The lighthouse is also easily accessible from the beach, in fact very often it happens that during the hot and sultry days, when you are tired of lying on the sunbed under the sun umbrella, you hear saying “Let’s go for a walk to the lighthouse!” .

In this way, walking along the beach, letting the waves of the sea wet your feet, you can easily reach this landmark of Bibione.

The Lighthouse was built at the beginning of 1900. It has no particular architectural merit, but still it has a charm, perhaps because due to his role of reference point for surfers and also because of the peace and the presence of untouched nature surrounding it.
Here you can sit and admire the horizon at any hour of the day, lost in your own thoughts, enjoying the beauty and sound of the sea.

Path along the mouth of the river Tagliamento

There is also a longer path that leads to the lighthouse, which runs along the Tagliamento river: it is ideal for a walk, maybe Nordic walking, or for a ride by mountain bike.

Along this path you are deep in a shielded nature area of Bibione home to some extremely rare or endangered species of flora and fauna such as wild orchids and the particular species of turtles. It is also common to spot some aquatic birds that find their ideal habitat here! In fact, the area is extremely suitable for bird watchers!

Did I intrigue you? Let me know if your trip to the lighthouse was beautiful! 🙂

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