The marine oasi of Falconera


Caorle is among the most famous sea resort of the North Adriatic Sea, both for its distinctive architecture that makes her look like Venice, both for its beach, so sweet and friendly, suitable for kids who want to stop and play in the large foreshore, or who prefer to play in the water without encountering dangers.

We are used to thinking of Caorle only in this way, with pretty stroll to the church of the Madonnina, an aperitif on the beach and a dinner of excellent fish after a day of sun, sea and sport.



The Adriatic Sea also hides many wonders, it’s a biodiversity reservoir to be discovered and you don’t need to dive in the Caribbean waters for admiring it. Just reach the Marine Oasi “Tegnue di Porto Falconera”.

This is an area rich in rock outcrops, ideal for stocking the local fauna. Here accompanied by Divers Group of Caorle which manages the oasis, you can make diving and be enchanted by the underwater world that we do not expect.




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