Discover Caorle’s Casoni

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Caorle lagoon on the stunning Adriatic coast are some hidden treasures that are steeped in history and tradition: the Casoni of Caorle. The charming, quaintly rustic dwellings offer a glimpse into the past of the beach resort. Keep reading to learn some fascinating facts and find out about the history of Caorle’s Casoni, not to mention getting to them by car, exploring the scenic paths all around them and – of course – the best places to sample the local food.

Discover Caorle’s Casoni

Caorle’s Casoni: history and fascinating facts

In Caorle, “Casoni” is the name of the distinctive huts that local fishermen used to build with reeds and wood to provide them with shelter during the toilsome winter fishing season. Thanks to their shapes and the construction methods and materials used, they were capable of withstanding bad weather in the coastal environment and keeping their inhabitants snug and cosy. The entrances always faced south-west, to avoid the icy Bora wind from the East.

Some of the Casoni have now been renovated and if you ask the owners, they might let you look around and get a glimpse of what life used to be like for fishermen around here.
It’s fascinating to explore inside the structures and look at the items that the fishermen once used, such as the fishing nets that they made themselves and the little trinkets and pictures that they dedicated to the Virgin Mary so that she would protect them when they were out at sea. It’s a great way to discover the secrets of their everyday lives.
Nowadays, the owners of the Casoni mostly use them to have parties and barbecues with their friends.
There’s a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere in this part of the world, where it feels like time stands still. It’s an amazing place to take striking photos to post on social media.

There are lots of mosquitos, so make sure you take some repellent with you.

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Discover Caorle’s Casoni

Discover Caorle’s Casoni

How to get to Caorle’s Casoni by car

To get to Caorle’s Casoni by car, follow these simple directions. From Venice, take the A4 east and take the San Stino di Livenza or Portogruaro exit, then follow the signs for Caorle. Once you get to Caorle, turn left and follow the road east until you get to the far end of Levante beach. If you can find a space, park your car on Via dei Casoni. If not, leave it on Strada Passo Falconera. Once you’ve parked, it’ll only take you a few minutes to walk to the paths that are only open to pedestrians and cyclists.

If you decide to go on your bike instead, the circular route starting in Caorle is approximately 10 km altogether. On the way, you can stop off at “Cason Grottolo” on Via dei Casoni to enjoy an outstanding mixed fry and some produce that’s grown nearby.
Whether you choose to walk or cycle, it’s a route that we’d definitely recommend because you’ll take away marvellous memories of the historical and natural wonders.

Exploring the Casoni trails

As soon as you get onto Via dei Casoni, you’ll be able to see several Casoni from the path on top of the embankment. Some of them are older and still have their original features, while others have been nicely renovated. As you walk along the embankment, you can admire the beautiful scenery all around you as you breathe in the salty air. Along the way, you’ll come across lots of spots with sweeping views that are perfect for taking unforgettable photos, especially at sunrise and sunset, when countless colours light up the sky.

Another way to visit the Casoni is to take a boat trip across the lagoon and see things from a whole new point of view. You can choose between a motor ship or a traditional local vessel called a bragozzo. The trip takes around two and half hours and includes a stop to visit a Casone.

Discover Caorle’s Casoni

Local food: what should you eat?

No matter what you do, don’t miss out on the chance to taste the delicious local cuisine when you’re exploring Caorle’s Casoni. Some of the Casoni have been made into restaurants, such as “Cason Grottolo” and “Il Bucaniere”. The décor might be rather plain, but the seafood lunches are absolutely exquisite.

In the Levante area, there are numerous restaurants and trattorias such as “Ristorante Capri”, “Ristorante La Ritrovata” and “Ristorante da Buso” that serve masterfully cooked dishes made with freshly caught fish. Try the famous “seafood risotto” or the delicious “mixed fry” for an authentic Veneto culinary experience. Don’t forget to complement your meal with a glass of local wine or craft beer.

Discover Caorle’s Casoni

As well as the Casoni, what else should you see in Caorle?

In addition to the iconic Casoni, there are lots of other interesting attractions and sites to visit in Caorle. Here’s a list of places to see and things to do:

  • – Caorle beach: Enjoy the sea and the sun on Caorle’s beautiful beach. With its clear water and golden sand, it’s an ideal place to unwind and take long strolls.
  • – Caorle’s old town centre: Get lost in the enchanting narrow streets of the old town centre, which are lined with colourful buildings, boutiques, restaurants and welcoming cafés.
  • – Caorle cathedral: Visit Caorle cathedral, a spellbinding work of Romanesque architecture in the heart of the old town centre. There are some fabulous frescoes and other works of art inside. See here for more information.
  • – Maritime Museum: If you’re interested in maritime history, don’t miss out on the chance to look around this museum and its collection of finds connected to Caorle’s seafaring traditions.
  • – Fishing harbour: Take a stroll around Caorle’s picturesque fishing harbour, where you can watch the fishing boats and savour the authentic charms of the bustling coastal town.

Discover Caorle’s Casoni

Book now and experience the magic of Caorle’s Casoni

Caorle’s Casoni offer insight into the past of one of the most gorgeous destinations on the Adriatic coast. Their blend of history and traditions will take your breath away. When you go to see the Casoni, make sure you follow the paths by the Caorle lagoon and seize the opportunity to sample local dishes. The marvellous memories you take away after experiencing the magic of Caorle will leave you keen to come back as soon as possible.
So what are you waiting for? Choose a location for your stay in Caorle on our website and start picturing the incomparable time you’ll have with your family at Caorle’s Casoni, with their magnificent mixture of history, traditions and natural beauty!

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