Lio Piccolo

If you’re looking for an spellbinding place where you can unwind in beautiful natural surroundings, Lio Piccolo could be the perfect destination for you.
Found in the Northern Venetian Lagoon, this little piece of paradise is made up of a group of little islands and sandbanks separated by narrow canals. The pristine natural environment has plenty to offer for passing pink flamingos.
As well as a pretty pink 17th century church dedicated to Our Lady of the Snows, lining the outside of the little square are a few old houses and a building from the 1600s called Palazzo Boldù, which is named after the noble Venetian family that owned the island.
Keep reading to find out more about visiting Lio Piccolo and to see tips on how to make it into an unforgettable experience.

How to get to Lio Piccolo

There’s no question that the best way to really revel in the atmosphere of the village is to go there and look around it by bike. In 2021, Cavallino Treporti Town Council officially made Lio Piccolo a protected area due to the significance of its built environment and introduced new rules for access to the area in motor vehicles for residents, visitors and tourists. From 1 September to 30 June every year, restrictions apply to those travelling with motorhomes, caravans and all motor vehicles on weekends, public holidays and the days before public holidays.

The first stop on your journey to Lio Piccolo is Treporti, where you can park your car or motorhome. It costs around €10 a day in the car park near the cemetery on Via Saccagnana, which is approximately 4 km from Lio Piccolo. Cycle or walk along the right bank of the Saccagnana canal for around 1 km, then turn left when you come to the sign for Lio Piccolo. After roughly 100 metres, bear right onto Via di Lio Piccolo and you can start to enjoy a breathtaking journey through the picturesque lagoon.

Lio Piccolo

Flamingos in Lio Piccolo 

One of the most enchanting things about visiting Lio Piccolo is the chance to admire the pink flamingos that find an ideal habitat in the surrounding area. The majestic migratory birds spend time here every year, presenting an incomparable sight for nature and photography lovers. Make sure you bring a camera so you can take some stunning snaps of the magnificent birds, as well as hawks, gulls, coots and herons. Please always remember to show respect for the natural environment and be quiet so you don’t disturb the animals.

Lio Piccolo

What to see in Lio Piccolo 

Lio Piccolo has not only spectacular natural surroundings but also fascinating ancient history to offer to visitors. With roots stretching back to Roman times, the village can take you on a captivating trip back in time. Tangible proof of its rich history is provided by the “Fragments of Lagoon” permanent exhibition, which contains a collection of archaeological finds from the bottom of the northern lagoon and the land around Treporti.

The exhibition tells the tale of the area, from its humble Roman origins to the present day. It presents a comprehensive overview of the everyday activities that people used to carry out in the northern lagoon, from farmers to those on board the many merchant vessels that sailed in these waters.

The exhibition is in the former nursey school in Lio Piccolo, which was recently renovated and converted by Cavallino Treporti Town Council. In the summer, it’s open from 10:00 am to 12 noon and from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Admission is free.

Ride along the cycle tracks 

If you like cycling, bring your bike with you or hire one in Treporti. If not, put on some comfortable shoes and walk along the paths.

The amazing cycling routes around Lio Piccolo are a wonderful way to explore the beautiful landscape on the Cavallino Treporti peninsula.
Head out for an adventure on your own or get expert guidance from a naturalist who can reveal the area’s hidden secrets. The routes are accessible to everyone because they gently wind their way through a relaxing landscape and do not present any technical difficulties. As you breathe in the atmosphere along routes spanning the peninsula and its islands, you’ll get the chance to take photos not only of the breathtaking scenery, but also of the many different types of wildlife in the area.

Some of the routes will take you through Ca’ Savio, a charming area that’s famous for its natural sand dunes and pine woods stretching right down to the coast.
However, the most striking of them all is undoubtedly the elevated “Pordelio cycle path”. It’s a totally unique route with sweeping views that hangs out over the Venetian lagoon and is no fewer than 7 km long. Savour the sight of unforgettable sunsets over the water as you venture into entrancing territory filled with sandbanks and canals.

Lio Piccolo

Lio Piccolo

Where to eat in Lio Piccolo 

After a day exploring the marvels of Lio Piccolo, you’re bound to want to sample some local specialities such as “castraure” (budding artichokes grown in Venice and the surrounding area), “moeche” (little crabs that have just shed their hard shells during the moulting process and can only be caught in spring and autumn), stewed cuttlefish and other traditional dishes. Here are a few recommendations:

  • – “Locanda Zanella” has really established itself as a local institution. It embodies the area’s culinary traditions and offers an unparalleled experience that’s complemented by the quaint atmosphere and impeccable service. (5 Piazza Santissima Trinità – Treporti)
  • – If you’d like to stop off for a quick aperitif with friends, you can’t go wrong at “Al Notturno” (25 Via di Lio Piccolo) or “Osteria dal Pupi” (1 Via del Pra). These welcoming establishments offer a wide selection of local drinks and nibbles, so they’re perfect places to relax and enjoy the warm, vibrant atmosphere in Treporti.
  • – If you’re looking for something more filling to eat in unblemished natural surroundings, try the authentic culinary delights at “Le Saline” (4 Via della Sparesera), where the mixed fry is absolutely magical.
  • – Alternatively, at “Le Manciane” (29 Via di Lio Piccolo) you can taste local delicacies made with fresh, wholesome ingredients that are grown right outside, on the surrounding land. The welcoming, rustic atmosphere will make you feel at home as you relish the authentic flavours and lovingly, painstakingly prepared traditional dishes.

Stay in Jesolo, near Lio Piccolo 

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See the flamingos in Lio Piccolo during a holiday in Jesolo 

Lio Piccolo is a unique place where the natural world reveals its boundless beauty and the flamingos make it even more spectacular.
If you love unblemished environments and landscapes, book a stay in Jesolo, which is within easy reach of the natural haven. Enjoy walks, bike rides and the scenery in matchless surroundings: Lio Piccolo is ready to offer you unforgettable experiences!

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