5 things you are going to miss of

How nice is to go on holiday?

At least once a year we need to get away from the stress of everyday life, have a change of scenery, take the time for ourselves and do what we love most in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

That’s why you decide to contact us in Lampo Agency and book an apartment by the sea, and in a week or more you live many fantastic experiences by the sea. It’s something beautiful and you are happy.

But unfortunately the good things end: the time comes for you to pack your suitcase and leave, come back to every day life made ​​of schedules, meetings, commitments, deliveries… And again you start counting down the days until the next time you will see that beautiful sea.

The 5 things you are going to miss of your holiday by the sea:

The relaxed breakfast in the terrace/garden

During holiday you woke up at any hour in the morning without listening to the annoying “driiin” of the alarm clock. That won’t happen anymore and you are going to miss it.

You are going to miss the rich breakfast had in the terrace of your apartment or in the garden of your little villa, the newspaper reading, the check of the latest news on our Facebook page, then wearing the swimsuit, taking the towel and going to the nearest sunbed and peacefully relax again under the umbrella.

The route sunumbrella-sea/sunchair-swimming pool

On our beaches you have the opportunity to play sports, but also to spend a total relax holiday, that’s up to you.

In the case you were not the most sporty person in the world there could however be an exercise that you are going to miss: walk through the short route that divides your sun umbrella from the sea water, or your sunchair from the pool.

Yes, holiday life is such a strain… 😉

Happy hour after the beach

The tastiest aperitif is the one you sip in the late afternoon, after a day spent on the beach.

Also because, if during the day high temperatures and long lasting beach volley or beach tennis matches make you sweat, you will need to replenish the lost liquids, drinking a spritz or a beer is the perfect solution, don’t you think? 😉

Also happy hour will be one of the things that you are going to miss for sure!

Red-hot sunsets by the sea

Maybe you are not a romantic person, but sunsets by the sea are stunning, so give in: you will miss them too!

If you are a romantic person you won’t only miss them… You are going to dream them at night (and they will be really sweet dreams)!

Our animation team

An animation team like ours, that you can find in Altanea and Bibione is unequalled. You are going to miss it for sure: you will miss the smile of the entertainers, the baby dance dances, the night shows, the turnaments on the beach. And your children (if you have) will miss all this more than you, that’s guaranteed.


To relieve your pains we have two simple solutions for you:

Solution 1

Book immediately your next holiday: send us an email writing the beach resort where you want to stay, the period and the number of people. We will care about offering you the best (not to talk about the benefits for early bookers…).

Solution 2

Book a villa or an apartment in one of our beach resorts: in this way you will always have a place where you can refuge when you miss the sea too much.

What do you think about that?

Tell us what are the things that you miss the most about your holiday by the sea with Lampo Agency! 🙂

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