Have i never talked about Olmo?

When you go on vacation we usually fill the bags with everything that we believe useful for making our holiday a special one. Then we realize that the largest and richest baggage is what we carry within us.

So it happens that the stories of our lives cross with those of the new friends we know on vacation and that a piece of them come away with us and become part of our history.

In Altanea the stories of children are intertwined for a few years with those of the mascot of this town, the strong and sturdy Olmo, a cheerful and powerful tree, which fully represents the Lampo agency’s history , for 60 years firmly rooted in the Venetian territory and promoter of the entire coastline, but also teaches to the little ones to be close to nature, to respect it and to be its friend, because it is the greatest wealth and resource they can rely on.

Olmo has two big, bright, lively eyes that look towards the future and that are able to rouse the smile of children, that here in Altanea find a real heaven of peace, serenity and fun thanks to the everyday rich animation program.

Olmo’s big crown reminds the lion’s crown, and reminds strength and wisdom, that are typical king’s attitudes: as the lion is the king of the forest, Olmo is – amongst all the plants that are growing in Altanea – the king of this beach resort.

But this mascot has also a magic aspect: besides being firmly anchored to the grass with his roots, he is often represented surfing the waves, happy and smiling to his little guests in Altanea that with their imagination are able to cross all the barriers.

But do you want to know when Olmo borned? I will introduce you his story ..

That day a light breeze was blowing and it carried a salty taste that could be barely perceived… A light blue fog enveloped everything and made the landscape muffled and suggestive.

I felt two strong and rough hands taking me with care and unexpected delicacy and lying me down on the humid and soft just dug clods, that welcomed me in a generous embrace, as they wanted to protect me.

I was small, it was autumn and the arrive of the upcoming winter made me slide into a peaceful sleep. I remember little about that winter: some shivers, some snowflakes, the wind, the tweets of sparrows and robins, and a lot of silence.

Then something changed: the sea breeze carried away the clouds, sent the fog far away and a feeble ray of light peeped out. I didn’t know why but I felt happy, moreover on some of my branches some small and hairy buds were grown. “Awful” I thought… “I will have leaves too!”. In no time lots of buds appeared, then small flowers and after that the first green, tender and delicate leaves on my branches. That was a joy! That put me in a very good mood!

I looked around and I saw that this wonder was happening also to the other trees around me. That was stunning to be there in so much of us, all together to welcome Spring. From that moment on many Springs passed by and every year me and my friends – the holm oak, the linden tree, the poplar, the birch, the beech and many others here in Altanea – are jubilant about the arrival of the first warm days. When the sun heats up more the air and the sea, we are happier because we know that in Altanea many families and children on holiday will come… It is so nice to see them every year again plunging in the light blue sea, playing on the beach, walking and rolling around the grass under the shadow of our crowns. Their happy voices amuse us and our little leaves clap like hands for the cheerfulness.

Children may not pay attention to this, but we are here every year to wait for them and year after year I grow a little bit up, like them. The more I grow, the more I offer them shadow with my branches and leaves, but also a lot of oxygen and clean air. Moreover with my deep roots I hold the terrain, that otherwise the rain would wash away. I am so happy to be useful and – modesty apart – I am also a really nice tree with my horny trunk and my lion crown.

But would you like to know what my secret and my passion are? I like to surf the waves … It’s funny to get on the board and fly on the wings of imagination … I hope that all you, boys and girls, know how to do that and that you will keep, also when you will grow older, the ability to dream and play with the imagination.

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