7 reasons to travel


There are not necessary true motivations to travel, we are honest, we just see the banner of an offer flight + hotel while we’re checking emails to let us already thinking about what to pack.

But for those who are not so impulsive and want to dig deeper to understand why that time decided Bali as a destination of the honeymoon, a Tripadvisor study indicates the 7 reasons why people choose a particular destination.

1. EUROPEANS  want to live an unforgettable experience, the kind to tell you just go home and upon which talk about for months



2. NORTH AMERICA travelers wish to strengthen the relationships with the people they love, to create strong bonds and made countless memories shared

3. The AFRICAN like to feel themselves special and be cuddled, to enjoy a holiday in comfort as true king



4. MIDDLE EASTER travel to know and experience the culture of the place and come back enriched with a greater knowledge of peoples and customs

5. The ASIAN want to live fascinating experiences that make them feel part of the culture of the place they visit



6. The LATIN AMERICAN travel  to meet new people and enlarge the network of friendships and contacts, maybe to meet them again in the next trip

7. AUSTRALIANS are looking for unforgettable moments, such as surrounded by the unique setting of the destination and therefore unrepeatable


And what about  you? Do you find yourself in this analysis?


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