Towns and cities to visit near Jesolo

Jesolo is the ideal place for a holiday if you want to explore the many marvels of the Veneto region as well as spending time on the beach. If you’re a keen cyclist, take a look here at five bicycle touring routes that you really shouldn’t miss. However, if you’re looking for tips on towns and cities to visit near Jesolo, you’re in the right place.

Discover Chioggia

Chioggia is often described as a “little Venice”. The town centre is highly reminiscent of its more famous neighbour because it has been built on groups of small islands that are divided by canals and linked by bridges of various sizes. Chioggia is renowned for having one of the most efficient ports in Italy and it is an extremely vibrant town, partly because it is home to numerous artists, painters, sculptors and decorators of the traditional local boats known as “bragossi”, which are always painted with bright colours and add a cheerful touch to the lagoon landscape.



Cavallino-Treporti and the local markets

The most distinguishing feature of the Cavallino-Treporti area is unquestionably the flourishing natural environment, which the locals go to great lengths to protect. It also boasts the richest array of fruit and vegetable growers of all the towns and cities to visit near Jesolo. Another attraction comes in the form of the markets that take place every Tuesday morning in Cavallino and every Thursday in the square in Treporti. Numerous locals and tourists flock to see the enchanting, colourful displays, which stem from many years of tradition.

Art and architecture in Padua and Treviso

A host of historic sites and genuine masterpieces mean that Padua is like nowhere else on Earth. The attractions include the Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua, Palazzo della Ragione and the Scrovegni Chapel, where the greatest of all of Giotto’s works can be found. Round off your trip to this unmissable city with an aperitif by the stunning Prato della Valle.

If you find the noble allure of certain cities irresistible, Treviso is the place for you. Although it is less well known as a tourist destination, it is more than capable of holding its own against Venice thanks to its network of canals and bridges, peaceful atmosphere, beautiful walls and majestic Piazza dei Signori.



The Po Delta Park: Europe’s largest river-based nature reserve

As well as breathtaking beaches, the Veneto coast is home to the largest protected area of natural wetlands in Europe. In the Po Delta Park, the river fans out to form an ideal habitat for hundreds of species of birds. Nature, history, traditions, art and culture are interwoven in the Delta area, offering visitors the chance to discover an unparalleled, astounding landscape.


Timeless Venice

Lastly, there’s no question that Venice is the best known of the towns and cities to visit near Jesolo. Among the countless attractions in the truly unique lagoon city are canals, famous monuments, Saint Mark’s Square, the Rialto Bridge and dozens of museums, historic buildings and churches full of invaluable works of art.

So has this selection of towns and cities to visit near Jesolo piqued your curiosity? Or would you like to look for fresh inspiration by checking out these unmissable trips in inland Eastern Veneto?



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