10 cities to visit near Bibione

The beach resorts of Veneto region are the perfect place for those that want to daily chill out under the sun umbrella. But if you feel that the beach is not enough and you are curious to enrich that relax on the beach with the discovery of the territory and its history, the villages of the hinterland situated not far from the beach resorts of Bibione, Caorle and Jesolo will enchant you for sure!

I suggest you 10 of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Veneto that you can visit with short trips of half a day or a day maximum, leaving from your apartment or hotel room at the seaside.


Portogruaro praises a picturesque historical center that was surrounded in past times by walls: of the 5 ancient towers entry to the city, only 3 are still visible now. Inside the old village you can see the old buildings in Venetian style with the characteristic arcades, the ancient mills that are still working, the St. Andrew Cathedral (listen to the audio guide with this QR code and discover his works) with the singular leaning bell tower. And also many shops to go shopping and bars and pubs where to stop and drink an aperitif or taste local specialties.

Distances: from Bibione 30 km, from Caorle 27 km, from Jesolo 40 km.


Ancient Roman settlement, Concordia Sagittaria was an important town where the main business was the manufacturing of arrows. Still today all around the city are visible the important Roman finds, expecially around the Cathedral where have been activated guided tours to discover the remains, but also the ancient Roman forum, the thermal baths, the bridges and streets… All you have to do is to walk along the city to find out important archeological areas!

Distances: from Bibione 32 km, from Caorle 24 km, from Jesolo 40 km.


In Summaga small village, stands on the banks of the river Reghena the ancient medieval abbey, which was once flanked by an important monastery. Today there is no more trace of the monastery but you can visit the Abbey interiors, admiring the important frescoes.
For those who want to buy local products, in Summaga city center there is the Dairy Company, one of the few remaining in the area, which produces and sells fine cheeses, first of all the Montasio.

Distances: from Bibione 32 km, from Caorle 28 km, from Jesolo 43 km.


For those who love to spend their holidays in Caorle, the historic center of the town is certainly not a mystery, but for everyone else a visit to explore the village is a must. Wander the narrow streets leading to the sea and enjoy the bright colors of the buildings; visit the ancient church of Madonna dell’Angelo, so dear to the fishermen; stroll along the cliff carved by talented artists and fall in love with this small but smiling city.

Distances: from Bibione 42 km, from Jesolo 30 km.


The small town of Sesto al Reghena hosts the ancient Benedictine Abbey of Santa Maria in Sylvis that can be visited today with its important frescoes. From the information point facing the Cathedral Square it is also possible to rent bikes for free for an excursion in the countryside in the surrounding area.

Distances: from Bibione 45 km, from Caorle 44 km, from Jesolo 62 km.


In Friuli Venezia Giulia region, Pordenone, beautiful and elegant town not far from the border with Veneto region, offers a pleasant old city center with Venetian buildings and arcades to walk around and go shopping. Along the streets of the old town you can admire the Town Hall and the bell tower of the Cathedral, beautiful frescoed buildings and large squares.

Distances: from Bibione 63 km, from Caorle 62 km, from Jesolo 74 km.


This small town on the River Piave is a thriving center for those who want to go shopping: there are numerous shops in the town center to make purchases, to which we add the new shopping center located at the entrance of the city (Piave shopping mall) and the new outlet in the nearby village of Noventa di Piave.

Distances: from Bibione 54 km, from Caorle 30 km, from Jesolo 16 km.


The ancient Opitergium founded in Roman times is now a lively and elegant city in the province of Treviso, which still preserves some of its ancient treasures. In an excursion to Oderzo you will see the archaeological sites with mosaics and ancient artifacts, but also more recent treasures such as the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, the Torresin, the Loggia Municipale, the Torreson and others.

Distances: from Bibione 58 km, from Caorle 42 km, from Jesolo 37 km.


The beautiful city of Treviso, which stands on the River Sile is nice to visit in any season. It’s a stately city, where the buildings of the noble families are flanked to each other, some with arcades which are a nice shelter from the sun or rain and give the opportunity to look at the shop windows. The focal point of the city is the Piazza della Signoria with its Palazzo dei Trecento and the Loggia dei Cavalieri, but there are many other interesting places to visit in the city, including international exhibitions of art that are held periodically to the House of Cararresi. Do not miss a stop at one of the bars in town and sit outdoors to enjoy a typical spritz.

Distances: from Bibione 100 km, from Caorle 70 km, from Jesolo 40 km.


This ancient Roman center is close to the modern town of Quarto d’Altino. What remains of the old town are excavations in the open air which are flanked by continuous work of discovery of the treasures that have not yet been brought to the light of the sun. Very interesting and open to visits by tourists is the adjoining archaeological museum.

Distances: from Bibione 95 km, from Caorle 50 km, from Jesolo 30 km.

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