The astonishing wonders of lagoon

The astonishing wonders of lagoon

Today we’d like to take you on an imaginary trip through one of the most beautiful and distinctive parts of the local area, just a short distance from Caorle’s old town centre.

We’re going to tell you all about the lagoon and the traditional fishermen’s homes known as “Casoni” near Caorle.

The area around the colourful old fishing town of Caorle is packed with history, traditions and breathtaking locations that make it the perfect place for an adventure.
Home to a wealth of flora and fauna, it’s an ideal spot for birdwatching and it’s bursting with colours, aromas and stories that are waiting to be told. Consequently, it’s the perfect place to spend a day cycling or walking in the great outdoors with family or friends.

Let’s go!

The site is not far from the town centre and it’s an easy trip both on foot and by bike, so you can pick whichever option suits you best, depending on how much time you have. Children will comfortably be able to manage the journey by bike. Just be careful on the way home if the sun is going down and it’s starting to get dark.

Let’s head to the lagoon and the Casoni near Caorle! As we set off towards what’s known locally as the “fishermen’s island”, we’d like to tell you a little bit about the history of the world around you.

The astonishing wonders of lagoon

The astonishing wonders of lagoon

More than 2,000 years ago, this area was like the Venetian Lagoon today, with shallow channels running between a large number of islands and shoals. It was an outstanding fishing location because it was between the Adriatic Sea and the mouths of the Livenza and Lèmene rivers. The town of Caorle used to be further from the coast and it was protected from the sea by the lagoon environment. It also had big harbours by the sea that played a key role in trade. Everything revolved around the water, which was a crucial resource for both food supplies and trading with Venice. Some of the old fishermen’s homes (or “Casoni”) have stood the test of time and we’d like to show them to you today.

The Casoni Trail in Caorle

The trail that we’d like to follow goes from the Falconera area in Caorle to the “fishermen’s island”, which is where people who made their living from fishing once lived. During the trip, you’ll get a chance to admire the “Casoni” that are still standing on the trail running alongside the lagoon.
You can take a look inside some of them for free. Casoni were traditionally made of wooden posts, clay and dried reeds, which completely covered their walls and pointy roofs. Inside, there would be one big room with a brick fireplace where food was cooked. There were no chimneys or windows, so the smoke filtered out directly through the roof: the reeds were a real marvel of engineering that let smoke through but kept water out.

As we mentioned, the owners of some Casoni are happy to let people take a look around inside for free, while others have even been converted into restaurants where you can stop to sample local specialities: grilled polenta and freshly caught fish from the rivers and the sea, cooked right before your eyes. What more could you want? There’s no better way to spend a sunny day than exploring the Casoni near Caorle and the unblemished natural landscape all around them, learning about centuries of history and traditions.

During your holiday in Caorle, don’t miss out on the chance to go for a magical walk or bike ride along the Casoni Trail in Caorle.

The astonishing wonders of lagoon

The astonishing wonders of lagoon

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