Frecce Tricolori in Jesolo

Frecce Tricolori in Jesolo

Frecce Tricolori in Jesolo

Once again this year, an eagerly awaited air show will have young and old alike looking to the skies above Jesolo beach on the northern Adriatic coast, just a few kilometres from Venice. A crowd of half a million people will be entertained by the hair-raising feats of air force teams from Italy and other countries. Among them will be Italy’s famous Frecce Tricolori, who are famous for releasing smoke trails in the colours of the Italian flag and carrying out 18 perfect manoeuvres with a level of precision that can be measured in centimetres, despite the size and speed of their aircraft. The stunning, spellbinding sights will take your breath away. Italian onlookers are bound to feel a sense of patriotic pride when they see their national flag, but for years the unique display has also been very popular with foreign tourists who are holidaying in the resort.

The team is based in Rivolto (near Udine) and it has ten aeroplanes. Nine of them fly in formation and the tenth flies solo. Their incredible stunts have earned them a reputation as the top aerobatic team in the world.

Jesolo Air Show

As usual, the event will take place on the second weekend in September, when the temperature is pleasant and it isn’t too sultry. At that time of year, the weather is still nice enough to spend a great day on the beach ahead of the amazing Jesolo Air show in the afternoon.

It is always free to watch the displays. The show centre is in the Piazza Brescia area on the Jesolo coast, but there are outstanding views all along the shore from Piazza Aurora to Piazza Milano. Get ready for two days packed full of excitement!

The Frecce Tricolori schedule

The practice flights will take place on Saturday 12 September 2020. The show itself will start at 3.00 pm on Sunday 13 September 2020. It’ll be an ideal weekend to go to the beach with family or friends. Don’t miss out!

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Frecce Tricolori in Jesolo

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