Places to eat in Caorle

Caorle’s age-old culinary traditions stem from its origins as a fishing village. The fishermen would bring back plentiful hauls for their families to cook with consummate expertise. The selection of seafood has been complemented with produce from the land to create a vast array of traditional dishes and quintessential local cuisine.

Keep reading if you’d like to know where to eat in Caorle. There are places to suit all tastes and budgets!


Da Nappa” is a restaurant with a distinctive local atmosphere that serves traditional seafood just around the corner from the bell tower, among the narrow streets and little squares of Caorle’s old town centre.

The “Taverna Caorlina” looks out over the harbour. For more than 50 years, it has been serving traditional local dishes such as “broetto” (a type of fish broth with a Veneto recipe that was once eaten by fishermen) and “moscardino” (musky octopus, which is commonly found in this area of the Adriatic and is cooked in a simple but exquisite way).



Also near the harbour is another great place to eat in Caorle: the small but highly refined “Ai Bragozzi”. It is named after the traditional sailing vessels that were once used by the local fisherman. The restaurant is renowned for its exceptional raw seafood dishes and its superbly stocked wine cellar, which is full of top labels!

At the Orologio Marina, try the specialities of the modern, well-appointed “Brigantino” restaurant, which blends traditions and innovation. Don’t miss out on the antipasti, such as “mazzancolle in soar” (striped prawns that are marinated in oil, onions and vinegar), queen scallops and clams.



Located in the Viale Santa Margherita pedestrian area just outside Caorle’s old town centre, “Al Postiglione” is the ideal place for lovers of great cuisine. It is entirely family-run and has been serving both traditional Veneto dishes and outstanding pizza for more than 20 years.

La Ritrovata” serves simple, wholesome cuisine in the Falconera area near the lagoon and the countryside, where you can see traditional fishermen’s homes known as “Casoni”. Large helpings of delicious dishes such as rigatoni with seafood and spaghetti with mussels are brought directly to the table in the pan.



If you’re looking for places to eat in Caorle that are near the seafront, head to “Divina Costiera”, where Veneto traditions are fused with the Neapolitan roots of the owner. With a selection ranging from scialatielli in pizza sauce to fried fish, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

If you’re fond of delicious meat dishes, “Enoteca Enos” in Caorle is the place for you. It was opened as a wine bar by the Silvestrini family in 1958 and they’ve been renowned for their exceptional selection ever since. In addition, a few years ago they added a superb range of meat to the menu, including classic Florentine steak, sliced steak, buffalo steak and enticing American BBQ chops.

As you see, there are plenty of places to eat in Caorle. Now you just need to get out there and try them all!


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